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Nintex at the Computerwoche RPA Round Table

The recent Computer Week Round Table in Munich offered leading companies from industry and consulting an exciting opportunity to take a closer look at the promising topic of RPA.

We at Nintex had an expert at the table in Cosima von Kries, who shared her extensive knowledge with the other participants.

The RPA discussion

The 40 panel experts agreed that digitization and efficiency enhancement can play a major role in every company.

RPA serves both goals equally. It enables rapid digitization of tedious manual business processes, and once digitized with RPA, these processes execute much more quickly, efficiencly, and accurately.

At Nintex, we also experience on a daily basis that more and more companies are turning to robot-supported process automation in order to achieve business benefits such as cost reduction, time savings, or lower error rates.

“RPA gives companies the air to breathe to better serve business. Through automation, it is possible to ensure that processes run exactly as prescribed by the relevant compliance guidelines,” says Cosima. “In order to comply with these, RPA “botflows” can be created, implemented and managed in no time at all – without writing code.”

The rapid advancement of RPA as a cognitive technology was also discussed with great interest.

RPA can not only automate rule-based business processes, but can also perform high-value tasks using machine learning, speech recognition, and natural language processing, which in the past required human perception and assessment skills.

RPA as a job killer?

Round Table participants also discussed concerns that RPA will eliminate jobs, but Cosima countered those concerns with the point that when RPA takes over mundane tasks, people are empowered to do higher-value work.

“The know-how of the employees is not wasted on activities that a robot can do better,” she said. “Employees can focus their expertise on more complex activities that require human strengths, such as emotional intelligence, reasoning or judgment.”

The exchanges at the Round Table was a successful opportunity to discuss the topic with leading experts, and we appreciate the opportunity to attend.


If you would like to learn more about robot-supported process automation, watch our German-language webinar.


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