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Process Matters: Identifying Opportunities for Process Excellence at OPEX Week

Today’s Process Excellence (PEX) Professional faces a monumental task to keep their company efficient in a time that business is evolving at a record pace.

The opportunity to improve processes can have a tremendously positive impact on how a company operates and, ultimately, their bottom line. It is paramount in today’s business to have a PEX focus on solving problems and managing change, performance, and workplace culture to strategically align with business strategies.

Nintex at OPEX Week Orlando

Nintex recently sponsored OPEX Week in Orlando, where PEX leaders came together to learn and share best practices for tackling process issues. We heard firsthand from industry leaders on how to achieve end-to-end process management excellence. Fully understanding the problems at hand and determining the desired outcome is just the beginning of the process improvement journey.

New technologies are promising to accelerate internal operational efficiency while also increasing value and convenience delivered to end customers.

The race is on for companies to achieve a new pinnacle of efficiency, with the prize being the opportunity to win massive market share as the old market landscape gives way, and to potentially dominate their industry. Tweet this

At the heart of this acceleration is digital transformation – the drive to employ new technologies that enable companies to move from manual, time-and-work intensive processes to more efficient models, freeing line of business (LoB) staff to focus on activities that add value for the customer.

Digital transformation should be viewed as an ongoing pursuit of excellence, the foundation of which must be built at the process level.

We heard from Jen Wyble, Analysis & Project Director and Business Management BPO at MERS of Michigan.

Jen took us through their journey of process excellence, and how they leveraged Nintex Promapp® to align and transform their business through process management. With Nintex Promapp®, they were able to build and share their processes across their organization, improving their process knowledge and bringing efficiencies across their organization.

Process matters

Processes are at the heart of every organization, whether they realize it or not. If they haven’t been properly defined and described, then it is difficult to know what the business is doing – and that will impact the bottom line.

Every person in an organization follows a series of processes in their day to day work. Those could be captured in a procedure manual, process library or just in the heads of the various team members responsible for them. Whether they are documented or ad hoc, if those processes are left unattended, without monitoring, management, and intentional continuous improvement, they’ll evolve on their own.

Opportunities for efficiency often go undetected or remain siloed within departments. Teams can waste time developing redundant processes that are less efficient, or worse, non-compliant with business needs.

Process excellence is what makes the difference for thriving businesses. It’s a result of careful and committed process management.

Three mottos I live by when analyzing process improvement are:

  • Process excellence is a culture, not a program.
  • Processes don’t just happen – they’re managed.
  • Process optimization requires visibility, engagement, and analysis.

It is critical that everyone is aware of the importance of good processes, and engages with them. People must know what processes they are part of and what their responsibilities are. They need to know where to find their processes, how to contribute to improving them and the effect of their improvements.

That kind of engagement requires an investment in the right tools.

The Nintex approach to process excellence

Nintex enables organizations to deliver process success through the management, automation, and optimization of business processes.

Nintex empowers teams to fully understand, map, and manage their enterprise-wide processes, drive company-wide collaboration, increase visibility and accountability, and improve business processes, all in one easy-to-use platform.

Map and manage processes

Team members know their processes best. The ability to view, understand, and follow their processes often allows teams to improve the way they work with each other through responsive real-time feedback.

With this, the line of business (LOB) is constantly engaged in defining, mapping, managing, and optimizing their processes; constantly creating the best possible version of each process for the organization; and specifically defining opportunities to automate tasks to achieve true process excellence.

Nintex Promapp® helps teams to design and manage their processes with simplified process mapping, real-time feedback and collaboration, and robust process tracking and reporting.

Identify opportunities for process automation

Many processes involve the capture of information. Nintex Forms provides an easy-to-use, responsive design experience, often eliminating manual or paper forms.

With Advanced Workflow capabilities you can quickly design powerful applications using advanced logic and rules to eliminate manual work. Since many processes involve the need to create a document, Nintex DocGen® can automatically create documents from both unstructured and structured data sources.

Combined with Nintex Sign®, as well as other process automation partners such as RPA vendors, Nintex can automate nearly every process across an organization.

Analyze process intelligence

Leveraging Nintex Analytics, process intelligence can be utilized to allow teams to monitor, analyze, and improve processes. Automatically capture processes as well as generate reports and dashboards with analytics to help understand how processes can be improved.

A culture of continuous improvement

OPEX Week confirmed the importance of building and honing a culture of continuous improvement and how important it is to keep the long-term vision of your PEX program front and center. Maintaining a balanced portfolio of tools to manage processes and continually evaluate breakthrough intelligence is of extreme importance to the PEX professional.

We found our time at OPEX Week to be very productive and look forward to future opportunities to engage with PEX leaders to help them with their process challenges.


Interested in learning how your organization can achieve process excellence with the Nintex Platform? Contact us today! 


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