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Nintex and Microsoft Teams, enabling remote work today and in the future

2020 is already a year of unprecedented growth in the use of cloud collaboration technology. We’ve seen the adoption and growth of tools like Microsoft Teams skyrocket, which has largely been driven by the COVID-19 pandemic and the need to reduce the burden on global health care systems with social distancing.

Did you know that more than 12 million new users have accessed the Microsoft Teams platform in just one week? Microsoft also reports that Teams has more than 44 million daily users, which makes Microsoft Teams by far the fastest-growing application that Microsoft has ever produced.

While we have passed a turning point in the way people collaborate, these changes do not diminish the need to maintain the long-term stability of your enterprise IT environments.

The inherent challenges that IT faces while managing these technologies are evolving just as fast as remote work. Moments such as this require the ability to define and manage processes that are flexible enough to meet the challenges of the new paradigm and easy enough to implement quickly.

To help manage the new reality of a remote workforce, Nintex has compiled a range of capabilities that will allow you to manage better the creation and lifecycle of these new Microsoft Teams groups that your organization will benefit from now more than ever.

Microsoft Teams

Where to begin: Map a process

It starts with understanding and aligning what the request process should be for new Teams groups. We have outlined an example process within Nintex Promapp® for review:

Microsoft Teams

While straight forward, having a detailed process map ensures that everyone involved understands what their respective tasks are, and helps align expected outcomes from beginning to end.

Now it’s time to automate

Once agreed upon, you can then start automating steps within the process using Nintex Workflow Cloud and our integration with Microsoft Teams.

Within the Nintex Solution Accelerator Gallery, there are several downloadable templates you can take advantage of to accelerate your workflow development.

In this example, requestors must provide:

  • The desired name for the group
  • Why they want to create the group
  • Who the owner of the group will be
  • What other members should be added to the group
  • Any additional channels they want to be added

The submitter will also be required to provide an expected lifespan for the group, which will be used in the workflow to determine when the group should be slated for automated cleanup and archiving.

Microsoft Teams

Once the form is submitted, the workflow will automatically determine the submitter’s manager and assign them an approval task to confirm the build.

After the approval, the workflow will manage the rest of the setup.

By using a workflow for this process, you can prevent unchecked creation of new Microsoft Teams groups that is often unavoidable when everyone has the power to create new groups.

The process also removes overhead from IT since others can now setup Teams groups. To make life even easier for your IT team, the workflow will evaluate the anticipated lifespan of the group and then automatically check with the original approver to see if the group should be archived, ensuring the Microsoft Teams environment is kept in its best possible shape.

This is just one example of what you can do with the Microsoft Teams integration inside of Nintex Workflow Cloud, and the Nintex Process Platform.

The Power of Process™

I personally believe that processes like the one outlined in this blog post can genuinely help make people’s lives easier as we continue to utilize remote work and collaboration.

As a strong believer in improving the way that people work through better processes, I will be on the lookout for additional use cases over the coming weeks that we can develop and provide to our incredible Nintex Community.

I also encourage you to view valuable business continuity resources during COVID-19 Nintex is providing to ensure any and every organization can successfully navigate the evolving world today and tomorrow.


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Jonathan Butler

Jonathan has been with Nintex since 2016. After years of working with the Customer Success organization, Jonathan is now works closely with both the success and product teams to drive the adoption of Nintex cloud products to improve the way people work around the world.

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