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Nintex and K2: How we are stronger together

It’s been a challenging year for everyone, both personally and professionally, and yet we find ourselves in the middle of one of the biggest, most exciting acquisitions in Nintex history. In October we announced that K2 was joining the Nintex Process Platform to serve more than 10,000 customers and more than 50% of the Fortune 500, becoming the largest privately-held process automation software vendor in the space.

Now that we have more than 250 of the brightest and most experienced digital automation professionals in our combined Product team, we have begun the hard work of creating a combined roadmap for the years ahead.

One of my partners in that effort is Jason Trent, Senior Director of Product, who, before joining Nintex, came from K2 with 10-plus years of process automation experience.  Most recently, he was leading the push to accelerate the ability for K2 customers to move to the cloud. Jason and I, along with the entire Product team, are working with customers, partners, and analysts to drive our new and “better together” future, and he’s going to share how we are starting that journey.

Why K2 and Nintex

As Zoe mentioned, the combined Nintex and K2 teams are laser-focused on bringing together the best of both independent platforms to provide customers a modern, intuitive, and powerful digital process app platform.

One question that we have heard from the market is: why?

To answer that, let’s step back for a moment to take a look at the space that both Nintex and K2 found ourselves in over the past few years. Both companies were born out of a need by customers to add automation to platforms they used every day like SharePoint and others. As the enterprise has evolved over time, the need for automation has grown as well as the different types of technologies to support it.

Today, we find ourselves in a very crowded space as new entrants into the market from small workflow-only niche players to very vertical-specific tools looking to grow their deployments all the way up to the largest of cloud vendors looking to expand their consumption of cloud computing. Crowded markets tell us that we’re in the right area and that with a good value proposition, differentiated offerings, and repeatable value we can excel.

Analysts are seeing this trend as well and have begun to collapse what were once individual evaluation areas into new combined criteria including disciplines such as digital process apps, robotic process automation, artificial intelligence, and more. As an example, Gartner has named Hyperautomation as one of the top trends for 2020 as they are looking to provide more clarity for customers looking to automate and transform their business.

By bringing together Nintex and K2, we believe that we are uniquely suited to provide customers the ability to build a range of simple to mission-critical process apps that can easily scale with the growth of their business.

Stay tuned

If you are a longtime customer of either the Nintex or K2 platforms, I think this quote uniquely describes our future: Better necessarily implies different. In order for either one of our platforms to grow, to evolve, to become better – they must change. Change though is hard, and this year especially has taught us that.

This change is necessary; however, it will not come at the cost of your previous investments.  As I have been talking to numerous customers over the past several weeks post-acquisition close, I have been opening with a common slide that has the following promises:

  • We will never leave you without a clear path to success
  • We will be transparent and open about future plans and impacts
  • We will always be available to answer any questions or concerns

Our promise to our customers is that we are focusing on bringing the best of both our platforms together, to provide more ability than before. We are very excited to be working as one, and we already have many things in the works that we look forward to sharing in the weeks and months ahead.



If you’d like to discuss what the Power of Process® could mean for the future of your organization, get in touch with the team at Nintex today. Or you can test-drive the Nintex Platform yourself with a free trial.



Zoe Clelland and Jason Trent

Zoe Clelland works as VP of Product & Experience, where she leads product management efforts across the Nintex Workflow Platform. Jason Trent is a Sr. Director - Product, where he focuses on bringing innovation to the K2 Platform at Nintex.

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