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New Nintex Forms designer is now available!

Empowering businesses to create dynamic online forms as simply and flexibly as possible has always been an important goal for NintexThat’s why we’re proud to announce the availability of Nintex’s new responsive forms designer. 

Streamlined designing 

Now available in Nintex for Office 365, Nintex Mobile, Nintex Workflow Cloud and soon Nintex for SharePoint, our new responsive forms designer  is easier to use than ever and includes several powerful new capabilities. 

We’ve enhanced and streamlined the no-code, drag-and-drop interface so you can take your forms from conception to creation to deployment faster than ever 

In the age of the “citizen developer,” our goal is to enable everyone to harness technology easily and powerfully to reap the greatest business benefit. We’re committed to making digital forms and automation possible for every business, without the need to write code.  

New rules  

The new responsive forms designer offers a more advanced rule builder that allows you to easily create forms that adapt to user input. You can now provide a better user experience than ever before, with forms that automatically adjust to the device screen on which they’re rendered, and that dynamically change according to the data entered.  

This means users don’t have to be confused with irrelevant form fields and information  owaste time completing sections that don’t apply. When it comes to complicated matters like insurance claims, with many variables at play, this can make a big difference. 

Formulas solved  

With the new forms designer, you can use sophisticated formulas in rules, labels, and default values. More than 30 useful formulas are available, as well as other functionality like inline help (provided as soon as the user enters information)inline formula validation, and type-ahead support.   

For instance, if a user is making an order, pricing and tax details can be calculated and broken down in a detailed digital invoice.  

“Leveraging rules and formulas, it’s never been easier to create forms that dynamically change based on user behavior and inline formula validation.”
– Euan Gamble, Nintex Senior Product Manager

More pages, more signatures  

Another important innovation is the ability to create multi-page forms. Longer and more complex forms can now be broken up to make them more manageable and less confusing for the user.  

Signature collection is also improved. Simply drag and drop the fields directly into your form. This greatly expedites automated workflows that require signatures, often a source of bottlenecks in any organization 

 Put on Text Masks  

We’ve included Text Masks to make it easier to capture membership numbers, credit card numbers, phone numbers, and other sets of numbers with a specific length or formatIt stops the user from accidentally entering letters and symbols and facilitates accurate data entry on mobile devices. 

Being able to control the user input in this way makes it much more likely you’ll collect the correct information from users, for instance during customer onboarding or purchasing. This reduces hassles for you and dissatisfaction on the customer side 

Taking geolocation further 

Enhanced geolocation control allows you to perform actions like confirming a customer’s location or verifying that delivery has been made.  

And now our designer even lets you connect to Google Maps  another major user experience enhancementThis popular navigation app is familiar and comfortable for most users, helping them complete your forms quickly, painlessly, and accurately.  

Making the most of all your data  

Cascading dropdown menus are helpful in digital forms to present users with valid options according to the information they’ve already entered. In the new forms designer, we’ve also improved the List Lookup functionality. It’s now even easier to draw on data from your other SharePoint lists.  

We’ve enhanced the filtering functionality in List Lookup, so that duplicate items are eliminated, and the user only sees relevant options. This crucial functionality helps eliminate information overlap, brings everything together, removes duplication, and presents it to users in a way that makes it easy to engage. 

See for yourself 

We’ll be demonstrating all this new functionality at Nintex ProcessFest® 2019 – our conference for customers and partners. You can try the new responsive forms designer, along with the rest of our latest innovations, and discover all the possibilities for optimizing your business. We hope to see you there! 


Want to attend Nintex ProcessFest 2019? See what’s in store and register hereEarly bird pricing ends August 29th! 


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