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New tech for business ideas: What’s on your 2021 wish list?

It’s a new year, and after a challenging 2020, people and organizations are looking to the future. Through the difficulties, there have been many technology-enabled triumphs, which in turn opened businesses’ eyes to new possibilities. The lessons of last year have provided fresh ideas for how to harness technology in 2021 and beyond, leading to many rethinking what they need for the future.

In this article, we’ll be revealing some of our tech for business ideas to help you plan your own 2021 wish list. And if you haven’t made any new year’s resolutions yet, maybe it’s time to start with some new tech plans and give your business the gift of better operational processes.

So, let’s start with the IT department. How could the right technology help make 2021 a better year for the helpdesk? Here’s an idea…

Expedite helpdesk tickets for your IT staff and users

IT helpdesks around the world spent a lot of 2020 struggling to climb out from under a mountain of support tickets. OK, so that’s nothing new. But massively increased demand for remote working meant a range of new user issues for IT staff to deal with – and resolve remotely instead of being able to simply swing by the user’s desk and work their magic in person.

Against this backdrop, helpdesk needs all the support they can get. And thanks to today’s automation revolution – one of the hottest emerging trends for 2021 – businesses can now automate and streamline support ticket processes more quickly and easily than ever before.

Requests and all necessary information can be captured via simple digital forms and cases created and automatically routed to IT personnel for their attention. Reminders at pre-set intervals ensure cases aren’t lost or forgotten and are instead smoothly expedited to a speedy and satisfactory resolution. Good news for users and IT staff alike.

Want to learn more about tech for business ideas before you add it to your wish list? We’ve provided a full helpdesk use case to illustrate the benefits and how to achieve them. Meanwhile, we’ll move on to another item close to the top of many wish lists: helping the sales department.

Streamline contracts and approvals for the sales folks

Processes surrounding redlining and signing off contracts have historically been prone to delays and inefficiencies. As documents make their way around all the key stakeholders for reviews, amendments, and approvals, they can all too easily get stuck in the pipeline. But fortunately, technology can now support much more effective contract management.

Today’s sophisticated document generation solutions can draft contracts according to your pre-set rules: compliant, comprehensive, and error-free. These can then be automatically routed to all relevant stakeholders for their approval, and their signatures can even be collected simply and quickly via electronic signatures. And just like with an automated helpdesk, when you add automation to contracts processes, reminders and alerts can all be delivered at pre-determined intervals to ensure everyone plays their part in a timely manner.

If you’d like to explore this idea in greater depth, we have a contract management use case that explains everything and describes all the benefits in detail. Or if you want to press on to the last tech for business idea, let’s pay the accounts department a visit.

Speed up and assist with accounts receivable tasks  

Like contracts, accounts receivable collections processes often require lots of time and attention to ensure they’re completed successfully. And when bills are paid faster, your organization’s cash flow is better and the bottom line is healthier. It’s better for business all around.

Just like the other tech for business ideas we’ve explored here, automation has the power to streamline and expedite accounts receivable processes. Accurate invoices can be automatically generated and delivered to customers, and if they haven’t paid by a pre-set date, accounts department staff can be sent alerts to remind them to chase up payment. These automated processes can all be perfectly integrated with your existing accounting systems, meaning data is always accurate and records are kept up to date.

If that sounds like something that needs to be on your 2021 wish list, you can learn more from our accounts receivable use case. Although we’ve explored some of the most prominent, valuable, and universally applicable ideas for implementing automation technology at a business, there are many more out there – including industry/sector-specific uses. If you’d like to see more, dive into our complete collection of use cases.

Making 2021 the best year yet for your business

We hope this article has provided some useful tech for business ideas to start your 2021 wish list. And we hope that with our help and Nintex Workflow Cloud, you can make this year a better one for your business. Maybe even the best year you’ve ever had.



Want to learn more about how Nintex can help you improve processes across your organization and give your business the edge in 2021? Get in touch with us. Or you can test out the Nintex Platform with a free trial.



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