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Unlock New Opportunities with Nintex Hawkeye Process Intelligence and Workflow Analytics

Lachlan Ainley
July 11, 2017

Lachlan presented on this topic in a session at Microsoft Inspire 2017.

Every day Nintex Partners deliver innovative process automation solutions that help improve the way our customers work.

To create and improve these processes, they first need to be understood.

Thanks to the process intelligence capabilities of Nintex Hawkeye, customers and partners have unprecedented access to intelligence on their digital processes.

New Opportunities for Partners

We often hear from customers how automating processes with the Nintex Workflow platform has been a revolution for their business, as it has helped them define what digital transformation means for their organization. However, when it comes to measuring that success or understanding the business impact, four key types of visibility are missing:

  • Tracking which (and how many) processes have been automated with Nintex workflows
  • Measuring how those processes are performing
  • Understanding the effectiveness of these automated processes
  • Demonstrating the business impact driven through automation

Data-Driven Automation

Today businesses are doing more with their data. It has become essential for technology partners to provide analytics and intelligence, or risk becoming detached from their customers.

Nintex Hawkeye lowers the barriers to providing powerful insight to customers.

This empowers users of all levels, from IT admin to the C-Suite, with the ability measure and optimize process performance. No longer do employees need to immerse themselves in data, or consult BI gurus for answers.

So what does greater access to process intelligence and analytics mean for partners? The opportunity to architect and offer higher value services to their customers.

Partners can:

  • Engage customers at a strategic level – talk about business process challenges rather than the technology.
  • Open new doors through a process intelligence competency. Be known for expertise in delivering business value and elevate the relationship.
  • Guide customers to leverage their business process data to make better decisions that help them save money, engage their people, and create better interactions with their own customers.
  • Generate consulting-led engagements to pinpoint where customers can replicate successful business processes and expand with new scenarios.
  • Create and manage a process portfolio strategy based on real LOB business process needs.
  • Develop a managed, predictable approach across all lines of business to bridge the gap between IT and the rest of the organization

Informative, Intuitive and Actionable Intelligence

While there are options available to provide analytics for customers in other ways, there are also challenges.

For partners and even customers, there can be significant costs in investing in data experts to build out data connections and/or data modelling structures to create powerful visualizations. Additionally, if the insight derived isn’t actionable, or connected to the processes being they run, it often ends up being meaningless.

Ease of use has been important to the success of all Nintex offerings. In the same way we’ve made sophisticated workflow automation accessible to everyone in the organization, we’ve strived to do the same thing for workflow analytics.

We’ve made sure they are:

  • Informative: Nintex Hawkeye delivers customers the visibility to see the size and scale of their workflows, and equips them with the necessary information to measure and understand business process performance.
  • Intuitive: You don’t need to be a BI expert to connect data or create powerful dashboards. Pre-configured dashboards and a built-in connection to Nintex data sources enables you to go from data visualization to process optimization seamlessly.
  • Actionable: You can avoid unconnected information that is difficult to use or simply a distraction from the real challenge. You can surface insight that connects directly to processes, resulting in adoptable insight and enabling a cycle of continuous improvement.

Powerful Intelligence with Power BI

Nintex Hawkeye utilizes Microsoft Power BI to create high-fidelity data visualisations in minutes. Using an OData API link, Nintex Hawkeye provides a direct feed to other BI tools, so these insights can complement larger BI projects and initiatives.

You can:

  • Leverage workflow data surfaced through Nintex Hawkeye to complement data from other core systems, combining them in a BI solution of choice for more advanced data modeling and expedite time to value and reduce complexity of large BI projects
  • Build your own dashboard IP and deliver at scale on your unique domain knowledge leveraging Hawkeye capabilities.

Smarter Process Automation

Any process that can be automated should be monitored.

When you better understand your automated processes, you can make smarter decisions about what actions to take to improve them. Nintex Hawkeye enables partners and customers, no matter their BI expertise, to fully understand how their processes are working.


Lachlan Ainley is a Senior Product Marketing Manager for Nintex Hawkeye Workflow Analytics. Originally from Australia, Lachlan is passionate about the development and execution of marketing activities that highlight emerging technologies in cloud computing, analytics, mobility, enterprise applications, Big Data, IoT, virtual reality and machine learning. He currently lives in Seattle and enjoys playing Australian Rules Football for the Seattle Grizzlies in his spare time. Follow him on Twitter @Lainley