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New features in Nintex K2 Cloud now available!

It’s been an exciting week here at Nintex K2 as we roll out new updates to our customer’s environments to help them automate every process in the organization. This release focuses specifically on enabling faster apps by giving citizen developers additional tools to build applications in just a couple of clicks. In addition, we’ve added new functionality to improve integration with line-of-business systems like Salesforce and made it easier to publish applications to new environments.

Below are a few highlights from today’s release:

Application Wizard:

The Nintex K2 App Wizard allows you to quickly create Nintex K2 applications via a wizard that will generate the application for you. Build customized applications like a Marketing Collateral Approval process or a Customer Satisfaction Survey in just 4 simple steps. If you can use an install wizard to install software to a computer, you’ll easily be able to build an app with the App Wizard.

Nntex K2 SmartStarters

Ready-to-use applications for common use cases like IT Service Requests, Job Postings, and Task Management. SmartStarters are a fully built solution, so you can take and run immediately – meaning you’ll have your first process app deployed on Nintex K2 in minutes.

But, if you want the SmartStarter to simply be the springboard to a much larger process or solution, no problem! They are fully customizable, so feel free to make them better. Just let us know what you’ve done so we can give you credit and help others do the same.

Nintex K2 and Salesforce

No, it’s not new that Nintex K2 integrates with Salesforce. But, the redesigned Salesforce broker enables you to interact with Salesforce data within Nintex K2 applications. Display Salesforce information as part of a Purchase Order form or create new Salesforce accounts as part of a Customer Onboarding application. All can be done in one environment in Nintex K2, no need to dual-screen or jump between windows. It’s just easier this way.

App Switcher

Let’s make things even easier for you, shall we? The Nintex K2 App Switcher makes it easy to navigate between all the Nintex K2 applications and workspaces in your environment. Access outstanding tasks and get to your most frequently used applications all from a single interface. No longer have to keep many windows open, remember where things are or how to access certain applications or portals. There’s just one to get to everything you need. And one is good.

Package and Deploy

The updated Nintex K2 Package & Deployment tool allows you to move Nintex K2 application assets, including SmartObjects, Forms, and Workflows between Nintex K2 environments. Build applications in a development environment and then seamlessly move them to production when you’re ready to go live.

All these features plus all the great benefits of Nintex K2’s low-code business process platform are available to customers today. If you’re not already automating all your organization’s processes with Nintex K2, why not? Contact us today to get started!



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