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Water utility company standardizes approach to process excellence

Wannon Water, Victoria’s second-largest regional urban corporation by service area, uses Nintex Promapp® to support a program of continuous business improvement across the organization.

Nintex Promapp® will help the water utility standardize their approach to process mapping, replacing the use of Microsoft Visio for process maps and Microsoft Word for procedures.

Wannon Water’s focus on process management will help avoid duplication of work across teams and allow for a centralized location for employees to locate all interlinked process maps.

Their experienced workforce has substantial knowledge that is only partially documented. To minimize the risk of losing information once employees leave the company, the organization is also committed to capturing and managing their business processes.

Accessible business processes

“We chose Nintex Promapp® because it enables us to make business processes accessible to all of our teams, so individuals can review processes, provide feedback and suggest improvements,” says Rebecca Roberts, Business Analyst, Wannon Water.

“In addition, we expect that Nintex Promapp® will drive team collaboration and requires minimal IT infrastructure.”

Nintex Promapp® will initially be used to support the processes involved in the implementation and ongoing use of a new IBM Maximo enterprise asset management solution for the utility’s Works Management group. It will also support a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform. Teams will use Nintex Promapp® to map processes to improve customer response times and build out the organization’s requirements to provide a more contemporary future customer experience.

“In the future, we aim to link business processes to management plans, corporate objectives, and vision statements, enabling seamless and transparent links between all staff levels and enabling teams to better understand why they are performing specific business processes.”

“Nintex Promapp® will enable us to easily identify which processes will be impacted when we’re looking to replace a business application. For example, our Integrated Management Systems (Quality, Environmental & OHS) is a suitable candidate for migrating to a tool like Nintex Promapp®. All processes can be assigned a Responsible, Accountable, Consulted and Informed (RACI) category and each process can be aligned to positions, systems and resource implications,” says Roberts.

“We pride ourselves on being a business that demonstrates leadership in innovation, water supply security and sustainability while implementing ideas to support future growth and regional prosperity. Nintex Promapp® will support our organization which has a diverse employee skill set, and is focused on business improvement,” says Roberts.

About Wannon Water

Wannon Water employs more than 200 operational, engineering, financial, environmental and administrative employees. It supplies water and sewerage services to a permanent population of more than 83,000 people, including residential, commercial, industrial and rural customers.



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