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National Metrology Institute of South Africa Drives Productivity with Process Automation

Governments and public sector agencies around the world have a single responsibility – to deliver outcomes to the citizens and constituents that they represent. Albeit with often shrinking budgets and limited resources. These government entities and agencies must find a way to do more and better with less.

Luckily with the right digital technologies, governments and public sector agencies can overcome this challenge. According to McKinsey, digital technologies and data analytics have the potential to create productivity improvements worth at least $1 trillion and up to $3.5 trillion, in the public sector.

Limited Resources for Growing Work

The National Metrology Institute of South Africa (NMISA) IT department was all too familiar with the need to do more with less. With an enormous and growing number of processes and a significant lack of resources, the NMISA needed a process automation solution to improve productivity.

Established in 2006 by the Measurement Standards Act, NMISA is responsible for maintaining the national measurement standards and units for industry in South Africa. The organization also serves as a reference when measurement disputes arise and it develops the chemical analysis methods used to certify reference materials for South Africa and the region.

NMISA struggled to maintain productivity with limited IT resources and a lack of automated systems and risk and compliance solutions. Jayesh Jina, Head of IT at NMISA, and his team found out-of-the-box SharePoint workflows tedious to build and manage and sought an easy-to-use solution that would address all of their business needs.

Doing More and Better with Less Nintex

NMISA worked with IT Partner Dac Systems to find and implement an integrated solution to speed development of workflows and drive process efficiency. The organization settled on the Nintex Platform leveraging Nintex workflows to optimize NMISA’s IT processes and overall productivity.

“The Nintex drag-and-drop functionality has enabled our team to create workflows and get them deployed faster than we could have imagined. It’s really made a huge difference in our department’s productivity,” adds Jina.

NMISA has benefited from the ability to model and improve processes regardless of the complexity and integrate them with other systems and applications. Employees have also found the Nintex Platform easy to use – with many business users creating and managing workflows themselves. Jina continues, “There is virtually no learning curve for our employees with Nintex.”

The Time for Digital Transformation is Now

As McKinsey points out, governments and public sector organization have never been asked before to do so much and with limited funded and growing debt. Improving productivity through digital transformation is the solution.


Learn more about how NMISA improved its productivity with the Nintex Platform. Read the case study.

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