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My Nintex – your new destination to get work done

For us at Nintex, to continually deliver on one of our core objectives of improving and changing the way people workwe knew we needed to deliver something different, big and bold for our process automation platform. 

And so that’s exactly what we’ve done! Coming in late May 2021, you will see a complete transformation to the way users of the platform interact with processes they are engaged with and making Nintex Workflow Cloud a true destination to “get work done”.  

When we started building our next-generation platform, we had a strong focus on making the whole design, runtime, and management of workflows as simple and easy to use as possible. To date, I think we’ve done a pretty good job. Well, that’s what our customers tell us anyway!  However, due to our “easy to use design philosophy,” what we heard very loud and clear from our customers is we may have missed an opportunity of providing this same rivaled experience to our primary end-users, the “workflow participant. 

What do we mean by workflow participant?

If you think about the human interaction checkpoints within a given business process, they primarily center around two main activities: someone who submits a Form to initiate a process and someone who responds to a task for which they’ve been assigned. Both of these activities require a user to interact with our platformSo we figure to give our customers the best chance of realizing the full potential of automation, we need to not only make this experience seamless but also provide these participants with everything they need to get the job done. 

What have our customer been telling us and the problems they are looking to solve?

By studying and evaluating how our customer work today, we uncovered several clear trends: 

  • In many scenarios customers are not always wanting to rely on storing and managing their processrelated information or data in other “systems of record” – they just want Nintex to manage it” for them. 
  • They need to reduce the complexity of workflow designs – by not requiring the need to save Form and Task data to other SaaS platforms. 
  • Wanting a centralized destination for their users (“workflow participants) to get work done because there are already enough applications with their business so don’t give them even more. 
  • Provide one “single view of all the information needed to make critical business decisions in an efficient and timely manner. 

Why we think My Nintex will be able to solve these problems

For us to solve these customer challenges and deliver the same experience that our workflow designers currently experiencewe knew we need to do something different and a first in many ways, enter the updated My Nintex portal and the new destination for our users. 

Let’s now take a tour at the new offerings as part of the updated My Nintex portal. 


The new landing page for My Nintex is now referred to as the Dashboard which—as the name states—a summary of the user’s most recent interactions. It includes a list of the most recent outstanding tasks, form submissions, draft forms, and any forms that have been favorited for easy access. 

We’ve made it a lot easier to interact with Nintex Forms, here are some of the improvements 

  • Submitting new forms  opening and submitting new forms now occurs directly within the page (without loading any new tabs). 
  • Viewing submitted forms – for the very first time, you can now view any previously submitted form either via the dashboard (most recent) or the form submissions page.  

Some great improvements however as we know that forms are just one piece of the puzzle, tasks, and visibility of the entire process is critical to the success of any process. Hence why we’ve created a new activity feed.  

The new activity feed lends its thinking from the ‘action configuration panel’ in the workflow designer, however, its primary purpose is to provide full insight and visibility for all participants of the process whilst providing task assignees with everything they need to be fully informed before actioning their assigned tasks.   

For anyone who has submitted a form, the activity panel provides them full access to track their process and easily identify how it’s progressing as well as where the process may be stalled.  

Viewing activity feed

The activity feed allows participants of the process to: 

  • View the original form submission in a read-only mode 
  • View and respond to an active task accommodating for both form and express approval tasks 
  • Access to the full history of any completed tasks including the ability to view completed task forms and the outcome summary 
  • View both the task and form submission sidebyside to allow easy access to the data required to make better and more informed decisions 
  • Ability to view any files uploaded to both the original form submissions and any task forms within the process 

Viewing form submission

An updated tasks page allow allows participants to search and find any previously responded to tasks, responses and all information related to the process. 

Coming shortly after the initial release is brand-new and exciting way for process owners to gain insight and track how processes they own and are running. No longer will this information only brestricted to the workflow designer. Stay tuned for more information but here is a sneak preview of what it looks like. 

The revamp of My Nintex is really just the beginning and we have ambitious plans for it to be the destination for user’s automation activities with the future looking to bring other platform activities from Nintex Promapp® and Nintex RPA, all leading towards our future strategy of unifying the platform. And always working towards our primary goal of improving the way people work. 




Rick De Marco

Rick De Marco is a Senior Product Manager specializing in Workflow automation with a strong focus on end-user and participant experiences for Nintex Workflow Cloud. He is based in our Melbourne, Australia office.

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