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Move Beyond Process Automation to Process Optimization

If your enterprise still struggles with cumbersome manual processes, you’ll be glad to know there has never been a better time to get on with the job of automation.

Process automation solutions have significantly evolved over the last 10 years, with Nintex’s no-code platform leading the way. Since inception, Nintex’s mission has been to make process automation technology powerful and easy to use. The Nintex Workflow Platform is easy enough for the line of business user, and trusted by IT.

Now we are taking our drag-and-drop design approach to workflow automation and extending it into process analytics. With Nintex Analytics. we make powerful process intelligence accessible to anyone as an integral part of our Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) platform.

You Can’t Optimize What You Don’t Measure

It’s long been a business axiom that you can’t manage what you don’t measure. Nintex takes the idea a big step further – you can’t optimize what you don’t measure.

And if you don’t optimize critical processes, your enterprise won’t achieve the benefits of digital transformation, including greater agility, ability to innovate, customer responsiveness and ultimately higher profits.

Nintex Analytics is key to optimization because it shows enterprises where, how often, and how effectively their processes are running. With that visibility and seamless integration with the Nintex Workflow Platform, enterprises can rapidly iterate and improve processes and ultimately optimize them.

Together, Nintex Analytics and the Nintex Workflow Platform enable enterprises to analyze, optimize and govern their automated processes.

Pre-Built Dashboards Do the Heavy Lifting for You

Many enterprises still labor under the idea that analytics and intelligence projects will inevitably have them reaching for the aspirin. With Nintex Analytics, they can rest easy.

We provide pre-built, out-of-the-box operational dashboards – which we call “lenses” — that can be spun up in minutes with just a few clicks to quickly show you the size and scope of your process automation portfolio.


The Usage Lens provides an aggregated view of an organization’s use of the Nintex Workflow Platform across all environments. The Process Intelligence Lens presents process information within the context of customers’ own business metrics and filters data by process type, user, role, department and more.

A significant evolution of Nintex Analytics is the new Inventory Lens, which will be available in Advance Preview in October and generally available in November. This lens gives individuals throughout the enterprise deep visibility into their automated processes so they can make informed management decisions.

Inventory Lens - Process Automation

The Inventory Lens supports process governance by showing where, how often and how smoothly workflows are running. It highlights workflow ownership and designer proficiency and shows users the reach and impact of their workflows so they can drill into the usage and status trends.

IT research firm Gartner talks about the emergence of Modern BI, which “enables non-technical users to autonomously execute full-spectrum analytic workflows from data access, ingestion and preparation to interactive analysis, and the collaborative sharing of insights.”

Nintex delivers on this crucial concept in Nintex Analytics by ensuring that anyone can quickly visualize data, measure its impact and implement change.

Market Validation for Analytics

The value of Nintex Analytics to both operations and business performance is being recognized.

Carl Lehmann, Principal Analyst at 451 Research, provided this perspective:

“Many organizations have little knowledge about how many processes and workflows they use to run their business, much less how well they are performing. Tools like the Nintex Analytics Inventory Lens provide the visibility needed to enable awareness and help improve business operations.”

Nintex customer Anthony Gouder of Hawke’s Bay Regional Council, a government authority in New Zealand says:

“We’ve become more agile as a business; paperwork is now digitized, business processes are streamlined, and day-to-day processes are automated to make our staff more efficient. By automating our processes with Nintex workflows and forms and optimizing them with Nintex Analytics, we have freed up about six full-time equivalent positions, which allows our staff to focus on more important strategic work like the impact climate change will have on our region’s resources.”

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