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Nintex Drawloop® Among “Mind-Blowing” Salesforce Apps

Salesforce.com recently featured Nintex Drawloop® Document Generation in a blog post about top Salesforce apps titled  9 Apps that Deliver Mind-Blowing Results for Customers.”

The post is part of Salesforce’s ongoing customer spotlight series, in which the cloud computing company speaks with customers who have seen outstanding results across their organizations as a result of using Salesforce apps.

The way that Nintex Drawloop® Document Generation helped Cartelligent®, a company that simplifies the car-buying process, is one example of an app success story “sure to inspire you and your team,” writes Andrew Gothelf.

Nintex Vice President of Product Vincent Cabral says he’s honored by Salesforce.com’s recognition of Nintex Drawloop® as one of the top Salesforce apps, and excited both for Nintex and for Cartelligent.

“It’s somebody we helped. We made them more effective,” Vincent says of Cartelligent. “I’m happy for them, excited for them but also proud that we’ve created a product that does impact people. People who did it the old way and do it the new way are just amazed. And people new to the company, they don’t know any different. All they know is it’s easy for them to do their job.”

History of Salesforce Apps on AppExchange

AppExchange is Salesforce.com’s business app store, with thousands of business and enterprise applications available for Salesforce customers. Salesforce.com launched AppExchange in 2006. People can access, download and install Salesforce apps from the cloud computing marketplace.

The app store concept pre-dated Apple’s consumer app store by a couple of years, according to the TechCrunch article Salesforce AppExchange Revolutionized Software Distribution When It Launched Ten Years Ago Today by Ron Miller.

Ron talked about AppExchange’s impact with Leyla Seka, a senior vice president and general manager at Deck.com at Salesforce.com, who worked on the AppExchange team for many years.

“It’s been a crazy ride!” she told him. “The idea of delivering software the same way you could deliver products from Amazon was incredibly exciting. That’s the whole reason why I came to Salesforce. It was focused on the future.”

Since Salesforce launched it 10 years ago, AppExchange has grown to:

  • 3,066 apps
  • 3.9 million installs
  • 373 user groups
  • 14 million members in the Salesforce community, including hundreds of MVPs and customers who share their knowledge and expertise
  • More than 55,000 app reviews

Drawloop®, which Nintex acquired in July 2015, released its document generation product on AppExchange in March 2007, a little more than a year after the launch of the business app store. That visibility has proven invaluable.

“AppExchange is basically THE market for any app that has been built for Salesforce,” says Nintex Technical Evangelist Michael Machado. “Personally, if I don’t see an app on the AppExchange, they are invisible and do not exist. That is how I think and many others. You always go to the AppExchange to look for something that will make your process easier and better.”

What Do AppExchange Reviewers Say About Us?

AppExchange includes more than 250 reviews on Nintex Drawloop® Document Generation. Here are a few of the comments in those reviews:

  • “This highly automated process saves our team at least 10 hours a week, which we estimate at over $20,000 a year per USER in savings! Amazing product! Highly recommend it.” – Jason North
  • “Easy to setup and use… Great product and service all around!” – Eli Haugen
  • “I have been very impressed with the Drawloop® App. It has helped streamline many of our processes and systems.” – Audrey McElwain
  • “Drawloop® is very flexible. It contains endless possibilities.” – Jesper Kristensen
  • “The product works, the support is excellent and the people that work at Drawloop® are friendly, knowledgeable, reliable, and always willing to help provide a solution to our company’s needs.” – Daniel Ferrara

Cartelligent’s Success Story with Document Generation

Cartelligent struggled with a limited mail merge that required manually correcting thousands of service agreements before sending them to clients. Purchasing agents used third party software to calculate monthly lease payments, extract the data as a PDF and manually upload the PDF as an attachment into Salesforce.

“They already had their documents. They were looking for an easier way to facilitate them,” Nintex’s Vincent says. “They had Excel documents that had calculations in them. Their dilemma was: ‘How do we get this in Salesforce without hiring a developer?’ ”

The company sought a way to improve this error-prone, inefficient process and searched for an app that automated its document creation process. Its two final choices? Nintex Drawloop® Document Generation and Conga Composer.

Impressed by its data merge functionality and user-friendly and intuitive interface, Cartelligent chose Nintex Drawloop®. Within weeks, the company’s purchasing and sales agents enjoyed a streamlined document process that produced documents with just the click of a button.

“Drawloop® out-shined Conga on many levels,” says David Fidler, Director of Operations for Cartelligent. “One being the ability to simply tag fields and then merge data directly into our documents. We also appreciated how their user interface seamlessly integrated with Salesforce, streamlining the entire document automation process from start to finish.”

Approximately 90 percent of the company – from purchasing to sales to office support – now use document generation to increase productivity and improve document accuracy. Nintex Drawloop®’s integration with DocuSign means seamless delivery to the client for a signature.

Benefits to Cartelligent included:

  • Thousands of dollars a year saved in licensing costs because third party software is no longer needed
  • Better customer experience because of information presented in service agreements in a more engaging way
  • Ability of sales representatives to focus on providing excellent customer service rather than on manually creating documents
  • Improved data compliance and integrity since all documents are completed based on information in Salesforce
  • Increased productivity across the company without having to add any additional headcount

Just as Cartelligent realized impressive results from Nintex Drawloop®, Vincent is impressed by what Cartelligent does. So much so that when he decided to purchase a new car in 2014, he decided to do it through Cartelligent, giving him an opportunity to receive paperwork generated by the app he promotes everyday.

“They make it so you don’t have to shop for a car. You tell them the type of car you’re interested in and they handle everything for you,” he says. “You’re out in 30 minutes and you have a brand-new car. It was amazing.”


Try document generation for yourself to see how it can benefit your organization.



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