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SUEZ – Water Technologies & Solutions migrates business critical workflows to the cloud with Nintex for Office 365

We are excited to share how SUEZ – Water Technologies & Solutions successfully migrated more than 100 business-critical processes with Nintex Workflow for Office 365.

SUEZ WTS provides more than 30,000 customers in every industry with water technologies and services to solve their toughest water, wastewater, and process challenges related to water scarcity, quality, productivity, the environment, and energy. Formerly GE Water & Process Technologies, the company was acquired by SUEZ in 2017 with hundreds of business-critical processes living in a GE bespoke platform.

“The SUEZ 2030 Strategy requires us to be simpler, faster, and more innovative, to ensure world class operations. That requires very strong processes. It requires a global mindset, and it requires the right tools to support these processes. We are convinced that Nintex is one of these tools that allows us to achieve these ambitious goals as a company.”

– Gerard Van Kempen, EMEA CIO, SUEZ – Water Technologies & Solutions

Following its acquisition, SUEZ WTS had just 18 months to migrate hundreds of workflows crucial to its operations to a new workflow automation platform compatible with Office 365, the company’s strategic collaboration platform. SUEZ’s IT team worked with Nintex Premier Partner Hub Collab to quickly migrate the legacy workflows to Nintex for Office 365 in six months, which was half the projected time.

Working with SUEZ WTS, Hub Collab designed and implemented a framework for efficiently recreating the company’s 200 workflows in Nintex for Office 365. The company developed workflow templates that were leveraged by SUEZ WTS employees to recreate and improve the workflows in Nintex for Office 365.

“I was amazed at how fast the company’s employees learned how to use Nintex. They became Nintex champions in about a week or two.”

– Alex Joly, CEO and Founder, Hub Collab

Thanks to the drag-and-drop functionality of Nintex workflows, the SUEZ WTS team quickly learned how to use Nintex’s workflow automation software platform and improve digital workflows as they migrated them to Nintex for Office 365.  The company originally estimated that each workflow migration would take 15 days to complete, but with Hub Collab’s help leveraging Nintex, even complex 20-step workflows were migrated in just a few days.

SUEZ WTS successfully completed the migration of 150 workflows, realizing that 50 could be retired, to Nintex for Office 365 in six months without disruption to the business. Each migrated workflow was also built to connect with Nintex Analytics, Nintex’s process intelligence offering, to provide additional insight and visibility into the company’s processes. Thanks to the successful migration and innovative approach, SUEZ WTS was also recognized with a 2019 Nintex Solution Innovation Award for regional transformation.

Since the migration was completed the SUEZ WTS team continues to automate new processes and optimize its existing workflows. Nintex for Office 365 has made it easy for employees outside of IT to ensure that their processes are managed correctly and efficiently.



Click here to learn more about how SUEZ WTS is driving productivity in Office 365 with Nintex.



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