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Microsoft SharePoint Virtual Summit: Security, Collaboration & Workflow Integration

Nintex has been a Microsoft strategic partner since SharePoint was introduced more than a decade ago.

We have been committed to SharePoint at every step of its evolution in capability, its massive adoption, and now its transition to the cloud.

SharePoint has become an industry juggernaut in collaboration and content management and a strategic platform for business process improvement for enterprises of all types and sizes. Microsoft has been driving the cloud enablement of SharePoint over the past seven years, first through SharePoint Online and then through multiple iterations of Office 365.

I believe this year marks a major milestone for SharePoint in the cloud, given all the innovation that Microsoft has been pouring into it and the rapid pace of Office 365 adoption. More than 60% of SharePoint seats are now online.

Perspective on What We Heard

In Tuesday’s SharePoint Virtual Summit, it was apparent to me that SharePoint Online is not only ticking a lot of the boxes required for increased adoption; it is well on its way to delivering on its four-pillar promise to help organizations confidently share critical content and services, inform and engage employees, harness collective knowledge and provide a platform for transforming business processes.

For me, there were three highly relevant things that stood out in the event.

  1. First is the enhanced security management that Microsoft is building into SharePoint Online and Office 365.

    This will help assure customers that moving to the cloud is not only a smart move, but also a prudent one. People in organizations must be able to share with confidence, especially today.

  2. My second takeaway, and something I am really impressed with, is the rapid adoption of Microsoft Teams since this new collaborative workspace for Office 365 was launched in mid-March.

    My R&D organization uses this daily to collaborate on projects and share on key assets. This will only drive more adoption and use of SharePoint Online and Office 365.

  3. The third key takeaway for me was the announcement of deeper integration of SharePoint and Microsoft Flow, including new capabilities around document approval.

    Corporate VP Jeff Teper described Flow as a tool for “lightweight orchestration” within SharePoint, mainly to automate repetitive tasks performed by individuals while working within Office 365.

    Microsoft’s investment in this area adds functionality for SharePoint users, but more significantly for Nintex, it raises overall awareness of and demand for enterprise-grade workflow automation of the type we have provided since our inception.

Accordingly, my team has been hard at work to deliver new core functionality in our Nintex Workflow and Forms for Office 365 offering as well as innovation throughout the Nintex Workflow Platform.

We also remain committed to delivering on our enterprise vision across all the platforms that are important to our customers, on-premises, in Office 365, and across any SaaS offering where workflow automation is required. We deliver all this innovation built on Azure, including Nintex Workflow Cloud, which extends Workflow and Forms anywhere our customers and partners require it.

These innovations reflect Nintex’s constant focus on meeting the needs of our customers and partners and enabling their success. We remain committed to providing easy-to-use, intelligent solutions that fully connect people, processes, and content to help them become more efficient, agile, competitive and profitable.

For me, and for the Nintex community, the momentum that Microsoft is driving for SharePoint Online and Office 365 is exciting and inspires us to keep delivering on our promise to our mutual customers.


For more information on Nintex and the market we serve, I invite you to view this on-demand webcast featuring Aragon Research founder and CEO Jim Lundy discussing Aragon’s view of the market for Workflow and Content Automation (WCA) and Nintex’s role in it.


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