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3 Key takeaways from Microsoft Ignite the Tour: Sydney

Microsoft Ignite the Tour is making its way around the world and Nintex was thrilled to be a part of it at the Sydney stop in the Asia-Pacific region.

As Microsoft’s #1 ISV partner, it’s always a pleasure to engage with the Microsoft community and we had some great conversations over the two days of the conference.

Better business processes

Ignite attendees had processes on their minds!

I chatted with several people on how improving their business processes and team collaboration has become a key priority. Organisations are recognising the importance of continuous process improvement, which in turn influences the customer experience.

There is no doubt that a better customer experience results in increased customer satisfaction, and having effective and efficient processes in place helps to ensure a superior experience for the customer.

At Nintex, our process excellence platform enables a culture of continuous improvement through process management and automation. One of our customers, Auswide Bank in Queensland, Australia, uses Nintex Promapp® to continuously review and refine its customer operations procedures for a better customer experience.

The bank has also automated its home loan application process with our advanced workflow and forms capabilities to ensure a seamless experience for both the lender and the broker.

Learn more about the worth of good processes and the tremendous ROI you can see from process excellence – check out this blog post.

Making the most of RPA

Robotic process automation (RPA) continues to be a hot topic. It’s more than just a buzzword these days, and organisations are increasingly turning to RPA to eliminate tedious tasks, freeing employees to focus on higher-value work.

At Ignite The Tour in Sydney, we shared how our customers are using Nintex RPA to handle high-volume, manual, and repetitive tasks, such as Johnson Financial Group in the U.S. that have now automated its manual data-entry processes for its mortgage loan applications.

Using Nintex, the company can accurately and rapidly move data across organisational lines, which has resulted in a whopping 95% savings in man-hours required.

For tasks that require a human touch, we think combining RPA with business process management (BPM) tools can create more powerful solutions. For example, in a multi-stage approvals process, BPM software can help to prompt a user to approve a contract and collect their signature digitally with e-signatures. The Nintex process excellence platform combines RPA with BPM, digital workflows, and more – offering seamless integration for teamwork that spans humans and bots.

Love for Microsoft Teams

It’s not a surprise that Ignite attendees had a lot of love for Microsoft Teams, which is now Microsoft’s fastest-growing application ever.

I use Teams myself, and I was able to talk to many other users who are interested to see how they can take their Microsoft Teams investment further.

The Nintex Platform can now be integrated with Microsoft Teams, enabling significant administration and governance of Microsoft Teams. A potential use case is an organisation adopting Microsoft Teams to nurture collaboration on project bids, of which there could be thousands each year.

Using Nintex and Microsoft Teams, a user could formalise the new project bid by completing a new Nintex Form with the required details. This then triggers the creation of a new Team site for all relevant members, powered by Nintex Workflow.

The integration also enables a user to govern that process, with the ability to archive a Team site or remove members throughout the life of the bid.

To learn more about why we think Microsoft Teams + Nintex = Better Together, be sure to read the blog post by Chris Ellis, one of our Nintex experts here in APAC.

Thanks to everyone who swung by the Nintex booth at Microsoft Ignite the Tour: Sydney to talk to us about process management and automation. We look forward to helping more organisations unlock their process potential and leverage the Power of Process® to drive true digital transformation.


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Eileen Tan

Eileen has been with Nintex for over six years and heads up marketing for the Asia-Pacific region. Based in Melbourne, Australia, she has more than 16 years of B2B marketing experience in global technology organizations, and is an impassioned advocate of driving demand generation and executing impactful marketing campaigns. Follow Eileen on Twitter @ETNintex.

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