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Meeting the eSignature needs of today’s insurers

It’s no surprise that we’re seeing the number of eSignature transactions soar among our clients. Customers continue to see the value that our fast and secure eSignature solution brings to business operations. For the insurance industry in particular, Nintex AssureSign®’s electronic signature is driving customer satisfaction and reducing the amount of time insurers spend pushing paper so they can spend more time with clients.

We’ve seen a spike in the number of new Nintex AssureSign® clients in the insurance industry, including Applied Systems’ customer Knight Insurance Group. Joining our client base last year, Knight has subsequently cut average client onboarding time in half – from multiple days to just 24 hours!

With the addition of Dianna George, now general manager of global insurance solutions, Nintex AssureSign® is able to better meet the needs of insurance agents and brokers better than ever before.

Having a nearly 15-year tenure with global insurance brokerage firm HUB International, Dianna brings invaluable insight into the changing needs of today’s insurance agencies and brokers. Before she takes off with the Nintex AssureSign® team to the Applied Net 2016 conference, the world’s largest gathering of insurance agents and brokers, we took a moment to pick her brain on what’s important for businesses in today’s insurance industry.

What would you say are the driving factors for insurance agents and brokers when it comes to business operations?

Having worked as an IT site manager and operations advisor for seven of HUB International’s agencies across North America, there’s a common desire among agents and brokers to reduce the amount of time spent away from clients. The fewer key strokes an insurance agent/broker has to make, the more time they have to do other things, such as attending to clients and fostering relationships with potential customers. This also translates into quicker, more efficient ways to onboard customers. Time is money in this industry and insurance agents are constantly looking for ways to save time and increase customer satisfaction.

How has technology played a role in the insurance industry over the years?

As with all industries, technology has completely transformed the way insurers do business, keep files, make phone calls and gather leads. What we are seeing today is a major disruption in the way different software “communicate” with one another. One program may not integrate with another, which not only causes frustration but it delays the onboarding process and sucks up valuable time that agents should be spending focusing on the needs of their customers. This is why AssureSign® has a really compelling value proposition, as we deploy and integrate easily with existing systems. Plus, our support group is amazing at helping our new customers get up and running quickly.

Dianna has been with Applied Client Network for more than a decade. She also served as president of the Ontario chapter of Applied Client Network for four terms, while also representing the Canadian industry solutions committee for three terms.

Dianna will continue to help AssureSign® deliver unbeatable client service to insurance industry customers, keeping the company positioned as the leading e-signature provider for insurance agents worldwide.

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