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Media and document management within your BPM tool

Business process mapping software makes a big difference when you are trying to capture the key processes that contribute to your business. However, those process maps can quickly become cumbersome under the weight of the documentation and information that needs to be included. The good news is that not everything needs to be included on the process map, but there is a simple way to ensure it’s not lost, either.

Incorporating documentation into your processes

Incorporating documentation into a process is the simple solution to capturing all the details you need without tangling up your teams in fine print. A good business process management platform does that by collecting the supporting content in one place, making it easy to access and readily usable.

But this functionality isn’t restricted to supplementary material. While it’s vital that policies, forms, instruction manuals or guides are included with processes, sometimes the most valuable assets could be videos, diagrams, photographic evidence or even audio instructions.

By capturing rich media that supports process execution, a business process management platform becomes a valuable day-to-day tool for business teams across the board.

Nintex Promapp® offers a powerful and flexible document repository to support and supplement process mapping and management. It utilizes configurable document types so organizations can shape the library to suit their particular needs. Not every document needs to be held on the platform either. Nintex Promapp® supports linking to an intranet or existing document management system to preserve the security of your files, while making them available to the people who need them.

Connecting documents to processes

Connecting documents to processes provides a single source of truth for your process users. It also provides a dynamic resource. The frustration of working with outdated content or broken links can discourage users, but when a document is updated in Nintex Promapp®, it’s updated everywhere so every process that hosts it has the latest version available, instantly. Users can access those files with one click on any platform, and search for the documents they need, with ease.

The vital connection between processes and supporting documents runs both ways. Nintex Promapp® allows tracking from the document to every process that references it, ensuring that any updates or changes can be made with full information. When those revisions occur, the change is tracked in a full version history with archived versions available for reference and clear audit records.

It’s not enough to capture the essence of your business processes and hope your teams can find the resources they need to execute them. Effective business process management incorporates all the relevant information – including rich media – in one easy-to-access place, in a simple-to-use fashion.

Contact us to find out more about how Nintex Promapp® can bring your processes to life with integrated document management.


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