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Maximizing the return from your QMS

Nintex Promapp® achieves quality assurance through our proven quality management software to deliver your quality management program. Discover how it works.

Implementing a quality management program can give rise to wide-ranging business benefits including revenue increases from improved customer satisfaction rates and operational efficiency gains.

So why are so many organizations feeling like they aren’t realizing the benefits they deserve?

There can be a big difference between a documented process in a procedures manual and what your customers actually experience. One is technically correct and often the way it should have been done. The other is reality.

These are the failings in quality management we considered when designing our cloud BPM tool Nintex Promapp®:

1. Traditional procedures manuals are ignored, so how can they help improve quality?

Teams in the real world don’t go out of their way to find processes. Nintex Promapp® is cloud BPM software – ideal to blend into multiple access points (intranet pages, systems menus like ERP, CRM). It takes seconds to embed and changes are dynamically updated from Nintex Promapp®. We (and our customers) have found people refer to process guidance when you take the information, put it where they need it and make it easily accessible.

2. Process documentation that’s too detailed and confusing does not help teams get it right.

Firstly, we coach clients to shift from traditional documentation styles to clear, simple processes. From there, our unique cloud approach helps users to start with a simple process then drill down to detail and any attachments they need.

3. Documentation is out of the date the day after it’s published.

Nintex Promapp® is a business tool designed for business teams to use every day. Not only easily navigating process knowledge, but ownership for changes too. You simply edit the procedure text and online processes are redrawn accordingly. Process owners can be confident when changing processes and innovate because Nintex Promapp®’s unique change control system not only emails change notifications to stakeholders, but permanently saves every version of every process in the changelogs. If needed, these can be restored at the click of a button.

Maximize the return from your quality management system (QMS) with Nintex Promapp®

Simple quality management process examples.

Maximizing QMS returns

“More organizations are realizing the failures of historic approaches to quality management. Quality documentation is important but does not bring benefits in itself. Information needs to be simple, useful and easily accessible for teams to accept and sustain process change.”

Ivan Seselj, Founder, Nintex Promapp®



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