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Make ERP implementations more effective with Nintex Promapp®

Implementing an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution is no simple decision. With the potential to impact everything from manufacturing procedures to customer engagement, an ERP deployment is a significant change for any business.

Unfortunately, many companies invest a lot of time, energy, and resources into implementing an ERP solution but then let that investment fall by the wayside. What they don’t realize is the potential value that could be leveraged from that foundational work.

An ERP implementation involves examining current business practices, strategically planning how to upgrade them through the new systems, streamlining operating procedures, and integrating the relevant software that will manage the data going forward. An undertaking of this magnitude also includes a significant amount of change management, team training, communication, support, and reviews.

Sound process management and an effective process mapping platform can make a huge difference in how successful your ERP implementation is, and can help your business capitalize on the efforts made during the ERP project.

Here are a few ways process management software can set you up for success.

Prepare for the implementation

Capturing ‘current state’ processes is part of the requirements phase of any ERP implementation, but why wait? Nintex Promapp® – Nintex’s visual process mapping software – makes it easy to visualize and record the existing business processes with a simple-to-use tool that is accessible to your entire team.

Rather than key information being tied up in complex and hard-to-follow Visio charts or Word documents with no version control, Nintex Promapp® makes sure everyone can easily access the latest version of clean, clear process maps.

Whether it’s SAP, MS Dynamics, Oracle, or some other ERP system, it makes sense to invest in building a useful base of knowledge upfront, rather than creating another set of data to migrate later in the project. With Nintex Promapp® you can get a head start on laying the foundation for a successful ERP implementation and bring your whole team on board in the process.

During the ERP implementation

Once the current state or ‘as is’ processes are captured, any ERP implementation will include a push to refine and revise those processes to improve efficiency, reduce errors, and increase their effectiveness.

The Nintex Promapp® version history makes it easy to see how you’re tracking, and the process reports can provide granular evidence of time and cost savings that have occurred as a result of the changes made.

Because the people who know the processes best are engaged with the platform, they can continue to suggest improvements and build on the procedures, providing expertise and experience with the processes that can increase their effectiveness. Process ownership ensures there’s accountability for the changes being made, and the change history tracks what has been updated – and why – at every turn.

Software implementations necessitate change. A simple, central process repository with links to system guides is great for settling new processes, identifying and addressing teething issues systematically, and providing an information base that gives everyone clear information to effect real process change.

After the implementation

Many businesses will know that often, once an ERP implementation project is complete, the process information that was so painstakingly collected and documented during the project is set aside and forgotten about. But you can maximize the resources that were invested in the project, and continue to benefit from your efforts when you leverage Nintex Promapp®.

While an ERP implementation is usually a single project, the outcome could just as easily be a cycle that develops and continues to benefit the business. The implementation helps you get a handle on your business processes, and that information can then fuel continuous improvement long after the project ends.

ERP implementations can have the potential to be disruptive to business and create a change management challenge for months after the go-live date. Having effective processes that feed into training, onboarding, risk management, and reporting can help smooth those waters and provide significant value from content that would usually have been filed and forgotten.

Make the most of ERP implementations

An ERP project is a major investment in any organization, and it would be poor stewardship not to make the most of the resources poured into it.

Nintex Promapp® creates a solid foundation from which to launch your ERP implementation, and provides a versatile and effective platform for teams throughout the project. Best of all, by building your processes in Nintex Promapp® from the outset, all that effort doesn’t go to waste and can contribute to continuous improvement that will build your business long after the project ends.



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