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Look, Mom, No Code! Kryon Empowers Citizen Developers

Ever dreamed of creating an app that can change lives – either yours or the people around you? If so, you’re in the right place. You could be a citizen developer.

A citizen developer is defined as anyone who uses existing corporate IT tools and technology to develop a business application. In the robotic process automation (RPA) space, that means creating a workflow or wizard that automates a specific process. It can be within any area of any-sized organization.

Citizen developers have the power to advance automation and digital transformation, helping to scale RPA, often working hand in hand with the organization’s CoE (Center of Excellence). But, to succeed, RPA tools must be truly easy for users without coding experience or a high degree of technical ability. Too often, solutions are overly complex and difficult to use. For RPA to truly take hold and have an impact, providers must keep tools intuitive while incorporating the latest technology advancements.

In 2020, we’ve seen a lot of buzz around ‘no-code’ or ‘low-code’ software, but the reality is, most RPA vendors aren’t there yet. At Kryon, we saw this inflection point coming, which is why we continue to innovate our Full-Cycle Automation Suite with the end-user in mind.

Ideas into Action

Our customers agree that one doesn’t need prior coding experience to work with Kryon’s platform, just a desire to effect change and streamline existing business processes. For many graduates of Kryon Academy (our free online training program), becoming a citizen developer is an opportunity to upskill. You can gain a valuable new competency that travels with you throughout your professional journey – regardless of your position or company affiliation.

Developing an automation workflow allows you to improve your own productivity as well as that of those around you.

“Out of [Kryon’s competitors], I am feeling Kryon is even easier to use because of its flow chart methodology (with multiple views) and advanced analytical operations. The best part is, as a citizen developer I don’t want to code the ‘Else’ condition separately in Kryon. The fallback option and bubble options are making that work even more comfortable [in Kryon Studio].”  

Sasidharan Thirugnana Sambanthan
Kryon Bot Camp Medalist 2020

Kryon Studio was designed with the business user in mind, democratizing RPA development. User friendly and intuitive, the tool puts creative power directly into the hands of users with the features needed to design and deploy a functioning robot. A short learning curve and minimal training are to be expected. But that’s all it takes.

Kryon Studio combines two RPA methods – a visual approach using process recording and an automation controls approach that uses advanced commands. This visual interface is built on the strongest visual technology available today, with drag-and-drop activities, record actions, and edit processes. Kryon’s patented visual algorithm enables one-click-recording on any application and across applications without the need for integration. The automation scenario is visually presented in a format similar to a PowerPoint presentation, with each thumbnail representing a step in the process.

“Kryon RPA has a shallow learning curve with easy Studio UI and good documentation alongside with Kryon RPA Academy courses.”

Edward Zhereliuk
Kryon Bot Camp Medalist 2020

If you’re a more technical user, you have additional options available. The platform’s extensive library of advanced commands gives sweeping capabilities. More than 200 commands allow users to create loops and conditions, run programs, execute scripts and database queries, manipulate Excel files, send and receive emails, and more.

There’s never been a better time to become a citizen developer. You can challenge yourself in new ways, learn a new skill, future-proof your career, and experience the thrill of creating something that has real value.

Automation and digital transformation are the future. Be Your Future. You can read the Press Release about our new release here, visit our Developer Corner or find out about Kryon Academy and our training program. It’s time to fly! Let’s start a conversation.

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