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Leveraging process automation in project management for better outcomes

Project management is a role that requires preparation, organization, and a keen ability to make everything run as smoothly as possible. But running large projects often relies on labor-intensive tasks and time-consuming manual processes. Automation in project management seeks to reduce the amount of time project managers spend on menial tasks and instead allows them to focus on work of higher value.

How automation in project management changes the game

The role of the project manager is focused on a series of processes. Some of them require an acute knowledge of the task at hand, or strong people management skills to get projects over the line. But many tasks don’t.

You don’t want to waste your PM’s time on tasks that could be automated. You want them to use the project management skills you hired them for, and so do they. Enhancing their role with the use of automation can make project management processes more efficient and create a more rewarding role for your PMs in the process.

So, how does automation in project management benefit PMs? Let’s break it down into three areas:


Assigning tasks and working out who has time for what is key to successful project management. Manually calculating resourcing, assigning tasks to team members, then alerting team members to these new tasks can take up a lot of time.

By harnessing automation in project management, you can set up processes to help make recording hours easier. Automatically calculate time taken, get alerts when projects are going over their estimated time, and send automated messages to team members if they have forgotten to fill in their hours for a task. This helps to streamline the process further and takes the guesswork out of resourcing.

Project managers can also set automatic notifications to inform them if a project has taken longer than the resourced number of hours. Similarly, they can set up notifications to remind team members to submit their resourcing hours too. These automation help to tackle some of the most frustrating and time-consuming tasks for PMs.


One of the most important skills for any project manager is communication. PMs need to be able to convey lots of information in a logical and actionable manner. But it can be easy to forget to send a message during a busy day or to leave a contact off an important email.

Automation in project management allows updates and important information from the project to be sent automatically to everyone who needs it. This could be via Teams, Slack, email, or SMS, depending on how the team works. It keeps everyone up to date with each stage of the project without PMs having to type out multiple messages on different platforms.

Automation can also be used to alert all team members, and the PM, about a project moving to a new stage, who is involved in that stage, and what the work will entail. This can be set up by the project manager initially but will then run as automated projects, with team members alerted at each stage of the project.

Campaign setup

For campaign setup, you can automatically set client materials such as briefs, financial, and legal documents, and any other important documents to save to folders in your company cloud. These materials are then easier to find, edit and share with team members.

PMs can also set up workflows that organize meetings for initial project meetings and more. You can use the software to pull meetings dates and times from emails and calendars to align with the schedules of other team members and create meeting times that work for everyone.

And when it comes to reporting on successes and challenges, you can also use automation solutions to compile automated projects reports. So, by the time it has been delivered you have a full record of how each stage of the process went, where the budget was allocated, where resources were used, and the overall success of the project in general.

These are just some of the ways automation can take the strain off your project management team and create more streamlined processes. If you’ve got more ideas on how to help project management run more smoothly in your organization, there’s a good chance you can build and test a solution to find out.

Automate project management with Nintex

Before you start implementing new project management strategies, you’ll need to find the right software for the job. At Nintex, we provide dedicated automation software for some of the world’s biggest companies, allowing them to build efficient automated workflows that save time.

Nintex Workflow Cloud allows your project management team to create low-code automation solutions to help streamline their daily workload and spend more time on work of higher value. The easy-to-use interface means you don’t have to be a developer to build automation, so PMs can get started creating workflows that work for them.



To find out more about how Nintex can help your project managers go further, faster, get in touch with our team.



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