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Save time, money and improve accuracy with the latest enhancements to Nintex Workflow Cloud®

At Nintex, our mission is to improve the way people work. We have an unwavering commitment to ensure every customer and Nintex partner around the world saves time, saves money, and achieves desired business outcomes faster with the complete suite of business process management and automation capabilities we offer.

To that end, our product and engineering teams are always rolling out new features and functionality around our core process mapping and automation capabilities.

Today, we’re excited to share eight new additions to the Nintex Process Platform, the industry’s most complete, powerful, and easy-to-use platform for mapping, automating and optimizing a wide-range of business programs across an organization. These new additions include an industry-first: Nintex Gateway, which enables RPA bots to initiate workflows in Nintex Workflow Cloud, bringing the highly anticipated “Cloud to Ground” capabilities to a reality for the Nintex community.

For those of you less familiar, Nintex Workflow Cloud is used by organizations worldwide to eliminate manual work by allowing them to quickly design integrated process applications with easy-to-configure logic and rules that require little to no code.

Let’s dive deeper into the latest product features from Nintex in more detail.

Speed and flexibility, without compromising security

The newest features added to the cloud-based process software in this launch will provide additional tools that enable customers to improve the speed and accuracy with which they create and deploy workflows, while also adding additional layers of security and compliance.

We’re continuously innovating our process platform to offer more ways to eliminate tedious, mundane tasks and allow our users to focus on the bigger, more meaningful picture of their work.

With the addition of Data Lookup Control, User Groups, and Workflow Testing, Nintex Workflow Cloud clients will have an improved user experience, which will result in faster, more accurate, and improved workflow deployment.

With Authenticated Tasks, clients receive a new layer of security and compliance.

Finally, with Nintex Gateway, Nintex Workflow Cloud will be able to leverage powerful RPA tools to reduce repetitive, manual tasks.

 Newest product features include:

  1. Nintex Gateway
  2. Data Lookup Control
  3. Workflow Testing
  4. Authenticated Tasks
  5. User Groups
  6. Web Request Display
  7. Microsoft Teams integration for Office 365
  8. Variable management improvements for SharePoint

1.  Nintex Gateway

Nintex Gateway allows users to leverage Nintex RPA Botflows™ to address sophisticated automation opportunities. With this feature, users can quickly configure and deploy Nintex RPA bots from within a workflow.

Users can also extend the power of workflow automation to a broader range of enterprise processes. Nintex Workflow Cloud customers now have the accessibility of the cloud while running RPA Botflows™ on-premises – from “Cloud to Ground”.

Nintex Workflow Cloud processes can even delegate tasks to an RPA bot that can autonomously interact with apps, systems, services, and websites within their existing user interfaces by mimicking human keystrokes and mouse clicks.

Nintex Workflow Cloud

2.  Data Lookup Control

 Form end-users are often required to select an item from a list on a third-party service in order to drive a specific behavior within a workflow.

Data Lookup Control will allow the designer of a workflow to bind data to a drop-down in a form. This will eliminate time-consuming manual data entry by the participant, increasing volume and accuracy of completed forms.

 3.  Workflow Testing

 With new Workflow Testing, Nintex Workflow Cloud users will be able to test workflows as they are built, allowing for quick feedback and updates and ensuring that workflows are configured correctly prior to publishing.

Organizations will be able to deploy more workflows with increased speed and accuracy, which in turn improves their business operations and bottom line.


Nintex workflow testing feature

4.  Authenticated Tasks

Authenticated Tasks allow tenant admins to select whether or not they require an assignee to login to Nintex Workflow Cloud before they can view a task. If enabled, the assignee must first authenticate by logging in by either entering their credentials or via SSO.

Once logged in, they can view and action the task – ensuring only the assignee can action the task.

Nintex Workflow Cloud

5.  User Groups

User groups allow tenant admins to create groups inside of their tenant. Once created, they can share assets (Workflow and Connectors) directly with a subset of people within the tenant.

6. Web Request Display

The new Web Request Display feature allows designers to create easier to use, more dynamic Nintex Forms by retrieving data from a web service and displaying it in a textbox within the form.

Workflow designers often use a web service control to display a list of choices in a form, but then want to show additional properties of the selection once it is made. This new feature would allow the user to perform an additional query to display a single property.

7.   Teams Connector for Office 365

 The Nintex Microsoft Teams Connector update provides a new set of Nintex for Office 365 workflow actions that provide deep-level integration with Microsoft Teams. The actions will assist in delivering a formalized process and introduce a level of governance and consistency around how organizations roll out Teams.

Some of the actions include:

  • Create/Archive/Clone/Update a Team
  • Create Channels and Post to a Channel
  • Get Teams and Members
  • Add Links to Tabs

Nintex Microsoft Teams


8.  Variable Management Improvements for On-Premises SharePoint

We’ve also made several improvements to Nintex Workflow for SharePoint on-premises to allow better management of variables. The ability to remove all unused variables with a single click will save admins time and effort and allow them to clean up old or unused variables.

Users can now view the status of a variable (in-use or not in-use). And finally, admins can reorder variables based on selected categories.


To test out these new product features for yourself,  sign up for a free 30-day trial today.



Matt Mayhew

Matt is a member of the Nintex Product Marketing team, located in the Bellevue, WA office. He is passionate about product marketing and has 10+ years of experience guiding product evangelism in various environments. Matt enjoys creating and executing marketing strategy and telling a compelling product story.

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