Did You Know: We’ve Improved Drawloop’s Component Library

(If you are not familiar with the Component Library, we highly recommend this related post on Nintex Connect.) 


Since we released the Component Library, we have made quite a few improvements to it to make your life easier. Today you will learn about:

  • Searching for components
  • Additional options for your filters
  • Deleting empty paragraphs or list items

Use Case

Crestan Global has been enjoying great success with their document packages using the Component Library. Crestan Global has created over 200 components to be used in various Component Groups. Now their needs have changed and would like to make a few adjustments. Let’s review their requirements below:

  • When creating new Component Groups, Crestan needs a faster way to find select components out of over 225 components.
  • The document needs to contain the correct Field Tags when the documents are to be sent to an eSignature delivery option.
  • If a document is to be downloaded, instead of an eSignature Field Tag, it needs a space for recipients to sign.
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) should only be sent when an opportunity is in the “Proposal/Price Quote” stage. NDAs have been incorporated into other templates, so if the opportunity stage is not “Proposal/Price Quote” there should not be any remaining empty paragraphs where the NDA would have been inserted.


Search for Component

When creating a new component group, the components listed in the left viewer are sorted numerically 0 > 9, then alphabetically A > Z . Crestan Global has technical specs for their X204A, X255A, and X425C models that do not appear in the first view as there can only be 200 components loaded at a time.


Crestan Global’s Salesforce admin can now enter a query to search through all components that begin with that term to find the component she needs. For instance, if she searches for “X,” she can view the components for the desired models that she wants to add to the component group.


Additional Options For Your Filters

Crestan Global’s Salesforce admin can now utilize the following options in their component or component group filters:

  • Attachment IDs or Names
  • Delivery Option IDs, Names, or Type
  • Optional Documents included or excluded

Crestan Global wants to include two components with signer fields when sending a document to their eSignature provider, and a different set of components when the document will be downloaded.

Crestan Global’s admin can create a new component group with her desired signature components.


Then she can edit the components with a filter that matches the name of the delivery option, such as “eSignature” when the document is sent to the provider.


She then just needs to create filters for her download components that will match the “Download” delivery option to include those components instead.

Deleting Empty Paragraphs or List Items

Crestan Global’s admin found that when she added the component group field tags to her document templates, and the component was not being added into the final documents, empty lines/paragraphs were left in the document.


Here is an example of Crestan Global’s template:



Here is an example of final document without the component group:samdoc2

Crestan Global’s admin can update the filters for her component groups to select the “Delete Container if empty” option. “Container” is just a fancy name for Word elements where the component group tag might be found, such as in a paragraph, or a list item in a Bulleted or Numbered list.


With this option selected, if the component group is not to be added into the final document, we will delete the paragraph or list item from the document. Now Crestan Global’s document will contain the following:samdoc3


With the updated options for searching, deleting empty Word elements, and additional filter options, Crestan Global (and YOU!) can further leverage the Component Library.

These updates are aimed at removing the extra work that can come when trying to use multiple documents, document packages, or delivery options.


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Sam Sysum

Sam Sysum is a Product Manager for Nintex Document Generation. He is based in our Irvine, California office.