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Did You Know: Upgrading Office 365 Store-Based Actions to Use Connections

The long-awaited Connection Manager is now available! Ready to help streamline credential management in workflow design, Connection Manager ensures that credentials are secure, easy and efficient.

To take advantage of the new Connection Manager straightaway, we’ve simplified the process by upgrading our Office 365 Store based actions (see this help file for the list of upgraded actions) to automatically remove the need to enter a username/password by replacing it with a single Connection option. No longer will you need to share credentials out to workflow designers or store them in the action configuration; just create a Connection, and begin using it across your workflows!

To use a connection in the action, just drag on and open the configuration, then select a Connection via the drop-down.


You can also create new connections within the action. These will be known as Personal connections and will only be visible to the creator throughout the tenant. If you want a Shared connection — available to any workflow designer —  it will need to be created by someone with appropriate administrator privileges. For more details on how to create Personal and Shared connections check out this post on Connection Manager governance by Rick De Marco.

What Will Happen to My Existing Actions That Contains Username/Password?

There will be no changes to current actions; they will still work as intended. If you can’t wait and want to start using Connections right away, just open the action and click the “Click here” link in the message bar at the top to “upgrade this action to use a Connection.” When you do that, the action will be upgraded such that the Username and Password fields are replaced with a Connection option, and from here on you can start using connections.

Does That Mean We Have to Update Each Action to Use a Connection One by One?

We have made it super easy to update all the actions in the workflow to use the same connection. Once you have selected a connection, you can apply this setting to the rest of the actions within the workflow by checking the option “Apply connection to all [connections of a certain type].” When you save the action, you will be told which actions will use the same connection.


Visit the Nintex Community today to learn more and engage in conversations with fellow Nintex users! 


Lisa Tam

Lisa Tam is an Associate Product Manager for Nintex, based in our Melbourne, Australia office.

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