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Did You Know: Taking the Data Science Out of Analytics With Pre-Built Dashboards

Analytics is such an essential part of decision-making in business today. Gone are the days of shooting from the hip and hoping an idea lands with the market/industry or even internally.

The challenge for most organizations remains to be either a lack of available skills to build out dashboards to gain these analytics and make them consumable, or simply a lack of time to do so.

In this way, Nintex Hawkeye does the heavy lifting for you with preconfigured dashboards built into your tenant to help answer particular questions about your process automated with Nintex. In minutes, you can have the insight you need to make better business decisions, without the need for a background in data science. Nintex refers to each of these as a “Lens”:

Usage Lens:

Provides a view of aggregate Nintex usage across the company (or selected Nintex data sources). It helps you understand key consumption metrics regarding; user participation, task completion, and the overall return on investment Nintex delivers.

Some of the questions it helps to answer are:

  • What is the extent of Nintex Workflow use across your whole organization?
  • How are people using Nintex Workflow?
  • How many Workflows have been published, and how complex are these?
  • What ROI are we deriving from our Nintex usage?

nintex hawkeye


Inventory Lens:

This is the latest of the pre-built dashboards and set to be released before the end of the year. For IT, admins and ops teams, the Inventory Lens addresses three key areas:

  • Governance – know where, how often, and how smoothly workflows are running.
  • Assess Expertise – understand workflow ownership and designer proficiency throughout the organization.
  • Workflow Status – discover the reach and impact of workflows, then drill into specific usage and status trends.

nitnex hawkeye

Process Intelligence Lens:

The Process Intelligence Lens allows you to instrument and measure activities occurring within a particular process automated with the Nintex Workflow Platform. In addition to allowing customers to add relevant context and emit process-specific events to Nintex Hawkeye, the Process Intelligence Lens includes foundation process metrics (e.g. how many times the process has run and the outcomes etc…).

nintex hawkeye

The best part of all of this? You can get started today. If you don’t already have Nintex Hawkeye take the free trial at www.nintex.com/hawkeye!

Lachlan Ainley

Lachlan Ainley is a Senior Product Marketing Manager for Nintex Hawkeye Workflow Analytics. Originally from Australia, Lachlan is passionate about the development and execution of marketing activities that highlight emerging technologies in cloud computing, analytics, mobility, enterprise applications, Big Data, IoT, virtual reality and machine learning. He currently lives in Seattle and enjoys playing Australian Rules Football for the Seattle Grizzlies in his spare time. Follow him on Twitter @Lainley