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Did You Know: Overcome Compliance Challenges with Nintex

2018: Another year, another law, another compliance challenge.

If you follow current affairs, you are probably familiar with terms like the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Germany’s new law against hate speech, known as NetzDG. These will have an impact not just on companies that are established in the EU or Germany but on anyone who does business there.

GDPR is designed to put control over personal data back into the individual’s hands. This includes, but is not limited to, companies having to ensure proper safekeeping of personal data, the individual’s “right to be forgotten,” and the right to access data about them. Fines for noncompliance can reach €20 million or 4% of annual global turnover, whichever is higher.

NetzDG aims to ensure that social media companies and others that host third-party data maintain procedures for handling complaints about content that may be unlawful.  Such content must be removed, or access to it blocked, within 24 hours from the time of reporting. Fines due to noncompliance can be up to a staggering €50 million.

A breach of either of these regulations can result in massive financial impact for a lot of organizations.

The main challenge with new laws or regulations is getting compliance processes in place and monitoring them to ensure they are followed. That can be cost- and labor-intensive task, especially considering the timelines the GDPR and NetzDG impose.

Process Automation to the Rescue

Process automation will be the key component in ensuring timely compliance and risk management.

Good news: With the Nintex Workflow Platform, it is not a lengthy and costly undertaking to put processes and compliance gateways in place.

Let me give you an example based on NetzDG. Imagine you have a community platform where users regularly exchange ideas. Discussions can get quite heated, and people say things that may be illegal. Sure, a moderator can keep an eye out for these posts and remove or amend them. That works for smaller communities. But moderators of larger communities may have to spend significant time managing potentially non-compliant posts, leaving little to focus on community growth and development. Worse, they may miss a few and leave the company liable for fines. Twenty-four hours is not a lot of time to detect unlawful posts.

Why leave it with the moderator? And why leave monitoring a manual task, when we can quickly implement an automated gate? Using Nintex Workflow and, for example, Microsoft’s Content Moderator API, you can easily and quickly build this content moderation gate. I’ve put together an example that will hopefully spark some ideas.

The Content Moderation Process

Once a user provides their input and hits submit, a process in the Nintex Workflow Cloud is triggered.

  • The content is sent to the Content Moderator API. This is a fairly easy step that can be achieved by either using a “Call a Web Service” action, or even better, you build a connector using the Nintex Xtensions® Framework.
  • Then we query the results and check if any unlawful words have been listed in the API’s response.
  • If there is any content to be moderated, the workflow will notify the moderator.
  • If the content is good to go, it will be posted to the community.


That’s it! Simple and straightforward. This is a fairly simple example, but with Nintex Workflow Cloud, there are no boundaries to your imagination, so it’s easy to ensure compliance and ease of mind.



Need more details on how Nintex can help with GDPR? Watch the recording of our “Be GDPR ready with the Nintex Workflow Platform” webinar.

Patrick Hosch

Nintex Lead Technical Evangelist Patrick Hosch serves the EMEA region but speaks internationally. He’s passionate about Office 365, SharePoint and Nintex, and enjoys helping others develop their tech skills. harmonie.ie selected him as one of the Top 25 Office 365 Influencers of 2015. When not working, he likes exploring new countries, working out at the gym and competing in team events such as Tough Mudder. Follow him on Twitter - @patrickhosch

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