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Did You Know: Nintex Workflow Cloud® – File Collections

Are You a Hoarder?  Try Collecting Files with Nintex Workflow Cloud 

It’s one thing to handle a single file in a workflow.  But it’s a completely different thing to have a collection of files.  The collection variable in Nintex Workflow Cloud now supports the concept of having multiple files inside it.

nintex workflow cloud

Think of a scenario where you are dealing with an internal user or external vendor and they upload some files to Box. Maybe you run a real estate agency and an agent takes some photos of a property that will be put on the market.

Once agents upload the files, they can fill in a form where they select the city, and enter some details about the property.

The workflow will start on submission and will then query a content management system such as Box; find the appropriate files; get them and store them in a File Collection; and then use a task action, such as Express Approval or Assign a Task to send the files to a graphic artist to clean up.

nintex workflow cloud

Both actions now support Attachments where you can insert the file Collection variable.

nintex workflow cloud

No longer do you need to assign tasks with links to files that responders have to open in another tab in the browser, or go hunting for it.  Now you can attach them directly to the task email.

This the next big leap for intelligent business processes.

Note: in the workflow above, I get every document in a specific folder in Box.  You’d most likely want to extend this process as what I have built is quite simple.  You’ll probably want to move the files after the workflow completes.

Also, you may even build in logic into your workflow to look at the file name and only support specific file extensions.  Only then would you add them to your collection.


Did you know Nintex has partnered with Box? See the new Box native app: What’s New: Nintex Workflow for Box Native App


Vadim Tabakman

Nintex Technical Evangelist Vadim Tabakman is a Nintex developer with 20 years of development experience and more than nine years' experience in SharePoint and Nintex technologies. He understands how SharePoint, business process automation and forms can successfully join forces in numerous industries and business scenarios to drive business adoption and success in SharePoint projects.

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