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Did You Know: Nintex Workflow Cloud® – Assign a Task Action

One of the most popular and widely used features of Nintex Workflow cloud is the “Express Approval” action.

The Express Approval action sends out a task via email and can accept multiple outcomes similar to the screenshot below. This is a powerful feature as it provides workflow designers with the ability to capture a decision within a process that could result in various outcomes. It also gives designers the ability to assign a task to anyone inside or outside a company and directs the workflow based on the task outcome or response.  An example of the Express Approval action is below.

nintex workflow cloudNot all tasks, however, require a decision. In the September release (Release 31) of Nintex Workflow Cloud we made a new task action available called “Assign a Task.” The purpose of this action is to enable a designer to assign a task that only results in one outcome.  It basically gives the designer the ability to assign a task and wait until it’s marked complete.

Here are a few scenarios where this kind of task could be used within a workflow:

  • A manufacturing scenario where a number of inspection tasks need to be completed.
  • A sales scenario where a simple follow-up needs to be completed.
  • An HR scenario where a new employee needs to complete a set of tasks in their first 30 days of employment.
  • An IT scenario where a communication needs to be sent when an software update has been scheduled.

The Assign a Task action has a very similar configuration setup as Express Approval. The Assign a Task action only accepts one outcome. The configuration experience for both actions is almost identical. The only major difference is the number of outcomes.  This should make the use of these actions simple regardless of which one you use shown in the screenshots below.

nitnex workflow cloudnintex workflow cloud

Tasks are a natural by-product of any process and is an important part of Nintex Workflow Cloud.  We realize that a big part of successful automation involves the management of tasks across different people, teams and systems.  Looking ahead we are thinking about how to further improve this experience to include other features such as reminders and different kinds of mediums including SMS and forms.  What kinds of task related features would you like to see?  We would love to hear from you!


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For more information on the latest Nintex Workflow Cloud release features:  Nintex Workflow Cloud release notes


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