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Did You Know: Nintex for Office 365 – Nintex Analytics Actions in Design Canvas

Let’s walk through a process together in Nintex Workflow for Office 365, where we will use Beacons to produce valuable data analytics that show us how our business process is performing.

nintex office 365

Use Case:

In this example, we have an automated business process for Open Enrollment. When an employee completes his/her open enrollment, they will receive an email notification. Next, we have a Flexi Task that routes to the Manager for approval. Regardless of whether it is approved or rejected, the person who submitted the request receives an email notification.

Next, the task routes to HR for their decision. Regardless of approved or rejected, the person who submitted the request received an email notification.

Where Beacons Come Into Play:

The Beginning Beacons and Ending Beacons are in the Flexi Task, both for the Manager and HR state:

nintex office 365

Once our workflow is published, data is surfaced in Nintex Analytics. Initially we see the processes runtime characteristics.

nintex analytics

However, we can now do more with the help of the data submitted from employees completing the open enrollment.

The beacon data is contained in the OData feed that is available in Analytics, which means you are able to expedite time to value by alleviating the need to build out custom queries to your data sources. Now we can plug our OData feed into any intelligence tool e.g. Power BI, Splunk, Qilk etc… (any that accept the latest OData Version 4) and leverage the power of those tools to easily create custom visualizations, all through clicks – not code. And best of all by using the custom configured beacons in the workflow we are analyzing the business data that matters to you, rather than simply workflow metrics.

As most of you know, the hardest thing with any data project, is collecting the data and getting it to a place where you can do something with it – Nintex Analytics  helps us get there.

Why not try this with one of your workflows today, and demonstrate back to the business, the impact you have made through process automation? To learn more about the process of leveraging the OData feed surfaced in Nintex Analytics, see my blog post Your Nintex Data, Your Way.


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