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Did You Know: Insert-Update Feature in DocGen® for Salesforce

At the risk of some hyperbole, Document Generation (DocGen®) is perhaps the most powerful business tool available in the Salesforce Ecosystem, and simply knowing where to begin can seem daunting! Today I’d like to walk you through the basics of one of our simplest, yet most elegant, tools: the Insert-Update feature.

What makes Insert-Updates so powerful is that, with a few clicks of a button, you can automate hours of business processes into mere seconds!

Take the Hassle Out of Updating Salesforce

Insert-Update allows you to automatically create tasks, chatter posts, and update fields. For example, the Insert-Update below will:

  • Update the Opportunity “Stagename” to “Closed”
  • Update the field “DB_Days__c” to “7”


Automatically updating fields is perhaps the simplest feature of Insert Update, but that does nothing to detract from its elegance. How much precious time has been wasted by manually following up with employees to ensure that they update Salesforce records promptly and accurately?

Why waste any more time? Remove the guesswork by letting DocGen® Insert-Updates do the work for you!

Keep your entire company updated automatically

By automating chatter posts with Insert-Updates, you can automatically inform all your users of major announcements. Landed a historic sale? Show your peers just how spectacular you are by creating an automatic chatter post with the all of the glorious details!

Automatically create new tasks for users

One of the first lessons of business is the importance of following up. However, it can be maddening to constantly remind staff to follow up on process tasks. By leveraging Insert-Updates, you can automatically create tasks for users specific to the details of the case!

Combine one or all of these methods to optimize business processes

Finally, the fact that I’ve listed these mystical powers individually doesn’t mean they can’t be used in conjunction. In fact, perhaps the most impressive feature of Insert-Updates is their ability to work together seamlessly. Empower your employees with Insert-Updates, and watch their productivity skyrocket!


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Alex Anbarcioglu

Alex Anbarcioglu is a Nintex Customer Support Specialist I based in our Bellevue, Washington headquarters.

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