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Did You Know: The HEIC Image Format on iOS 11 and Nintex Mobile

With the release of iOS 11 Apple has introduced support for the High Efficiency Image Format (HEIF) or HEIC as Apple call it.  HEIF is a media container standard developed by the Motion Picture Expert Group (MPEG) touted as being the JPEG killer.

HEIF is purported as being twice as efficient as JPEG and renders higher quality images when decoded. This means that the iPhone can now store twice as many photos that are of a better standard.

HEIF Photo

Unfortunately, Windows 10 has not yet adopted the HEIF format, which presents an incompatibility problem with images captured on Nintex Mobile running on iOS.  Anybody viewing HEIF files submitted via Nintex Mobile to a SharePoint list on Windows 10 may have already experienced this incompatibility.

Fortunately, there is a workaround. Nintex Mobile users on iOS can disable HEIC on iOS by going to Settings > Camera > Formats and selecting “Most Compatible” instead of “High Efficiency”.  This will mean that photos captured on iOS will not be stored as HEIC files and Nintex Mobile will now submit images to SharePoint that are always compatible with Windows 10.


We will keep an eye on this incompatibility and let you know when Windows 10 provides support for HEIF.


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John Corry

John Corry serves as product manager for Nintex Mobile and Nintex App Studio. In his role, John builds mobile technologies into the company’s already powerful suite of tools to enable a post-PC experience for Nintex’s global customer base.