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Did You Know: Fall in Love with Action Sets

There is an art to building elegant workflows that automated sophisticated processes across multiple teams, documents, and systems. Nintex Workflow Cloud simplifies this job with a sophisticated workflow design canvas that is easy to use and makes automation drag-and-drop simple. The millions of workflows executing on the Nintex Platform are proof of that.

The latest release of Nintex Workflow Cloud improves on an already delightful design experience with the addition of powerful capabilities called Action Sets and Collapsible Branches.

Action Sets bundle workflow actions together in a container that can be expanded or collapsed for easier navigation of the workflow. This is also useful for grouping and documenting groups of actions. Not only that, the action set is also intelligent enough to indicate if any actions within the set are unconfigured (the triangular orange symbol below).

This may seem like a small thing, but when you build a lot of workflows, especially large ones, it can be a huge help.

Action Sets also make it much easier to move large groups of actions around, especially when you need to redesign a complex workflow, say for another purpose or business unit.

Here is an example:

First, we’ll show the value provided by Collapsible Branches, even without Action Sets. Then we’ll show the same workflow with Actions Sets.

Without Action Sets

action setsNotice how much space is needed to accommodate the logic in this workflow. But even without Action Sets, the designer now can make use of collapsible branches that accomplish a similar effect, though only within the scope of a single action. You can see the collapse/expand icon to the left of each branching action in the screenshot above. (It’s shown here in the “expand” state.)

With Action Sets

action setsIn the screenshot above you can see the dramatic difference Action Sets make in the amount of space the workflow logic takes up on the design canvas. You can also see how easy it would be to move large sets of actions around when needed. Prior to this release, there would be a lot more clicking and or copy/pasting to accomplish the same outcome.

If you haven’t already done it, take one of your most complex workflows (or any workflow for that matter) and organize it with Action Sets. Your workflow design life will be better for it!


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Dan Barker

Dan is a Senior Product Manager on the Nintex Workflow Cloud team and loves working on bleeding edge technologies like IoT and machine learning. He’s been with Nintex for 2 years and previously worked at Dell and Progressive. Dan moved to Washington from Ohio in 2012 with his wife, two girls and dog Roo. When he’s not working on Nintex Workflow Cloud he enjoys golf and following his favorite Cleveland sports teams.