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Did You Know: Customer Case Management with Analytics

about Certain processes often form the backbone of any business, they are critical to success, and when something doesn’t work, everything falls over. This is particularly the case for processes that engage customers directly e.g. customer incident/support case management.

Be Proactive

Let’s look at how Nintex Analytics can help track the health of your customers and keep you proactive in responding to their needs.

Here is a Customer Support workflow. In this case, the company sells fleets of agricultural machinery (tractors, etc…). Once the process is automated with Nintex Workflow, we can collect data using Nintex Analytics from different parts of the workflow that will answer the questions we want to know like:

  • What are the customer incident response times, and how many infringe SLAs?
  • How many incidents get escalated from low to med/high, per customer?
  • What is the overall health and engagement like for each customer?


Essentially, we are creating a dashboard that can be regularly used by support team managers and sales teams to monitor customer satisfaction levels and understand opportunities for improvement. The tale of losing a customer because you did too little too late, is probably all too familiar.

Obviously, there is some upfront effort that goes into defining the specific questions your business wants to answer, and identify the data you need to do that. However, once you are there, the visualization piece is quite straightforward.

Now armed with the dashboard, let’s look at how to we can use it.

Be Insightful

Assume I’m the VP of Support and I use this dashboard weekly to share valuable information with Execs, Sales, and Support. The first thing I do is click through the customer accounts and identify any irregularities – here I see Express Logistics have an unusually high number of High escalations.Customer Case Management Nintex Analytics

To confirm that I dive a bit deeper in the “Escalations” tab, and I see that indeed Express Logistics has the largest number of escalations by account. I also see that this is reducing month on month, but as VP of support, I need to make sure that trend continues.

Customer Case Management Nintex

I use the next tab to evaluate on going sentiment for each account and include this in a report for sales and execs (sentiment score is recorded when the incident is raised). For my sales teams, they look to me to provide this weekly as they plan customer meetings. As you can imagine, the last thing they want to do is walk into an unhappy customer unprepared.Customer Case Management Nintex

Finally, it’s vital for my role to check the Performance tab daily and know when we could be on the hook for an SLA infringement. Infringements can sometimes incur fiscal penalties, and my exec team holds me accountable to this impact on the business. You see below; we have set an expectation with customers that High priorities are handled within in 1 hour of the incident, and we need to live up to that.Customer Case Management Nintex


Visit the Nintex Community today to learn more and engage in conversations with fellow Nintex users about customer case management! 

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