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Did You Know: Better Together with Dropbox Business

Recently, we at Nintex were privileged to be invited to the Dropbox Connect event in Sydney. There were a good number of customer presentations on how Dropbox Business was used in the enterprise and why customers partnered with and invested in the Dropbox platform.

In addition to attending, we also had the opportunity to collaborate with Dropbox in a roundtable session – “Better Together with Dropbox Business”.

We were presented with a few questions at the session:

How does Nintex augment and extend Dropbox Business?

Nintex Workflow Cloud can help organizations connect people, applications and content through workflow and automation. This provides users a consistent and structured way when dealing with management of content and approvals within Dropbox Business. For example, an organization may want to place a review and approval cycle before a document is shared out to an external party.

To ensure there is a consistent and clear visibility in the process (also auditable), we could build a workflow that starts as soon the document is uploaded into a folder – this would then:

  1. Notify the internal team that a document is ready to be reviewed.
  2. Assign a task to a reviewer to review the document.
  3. Dependent on the outcome, the document can then be placed in a Holding folder to be reworked,
  4. OR if approved, it can be moved into a Ready folder.
  5. Generate a share link for the document.
  6. Post the share link to the Slack channel where we’re collaborating with the external party.

What common business process solutions have Nintex helped customers build in Dropbox?

The above example is a common scenario where we see organizations that span from simple document reviews and approvals to highly complex ones where the document goes through multiple review cycles, different areas of the business and routing through an e-signature application and storing the response and signed document.

Another common solution that customers have built is around their contract lifecycle management (CLM). For a CLM, the process could span multiple applications from creating an opportunity in CRM, working the opportunity, generating a contract based on multiple sources of information, routing it through an e-signature application, getting a response, storing the signed document and then finally ensuring that the initial CRM record is updated with all the information collected along the way.

In addition, internally at Nintex we’ve been experimenting with generating personalized new employee onboarding welcome packs. Through the power of our document generation capability we can customize a document to provide custom content such as information on office facilities, surrounding amenities, vouchers to local businesses, information on your immediate team and any upcoming office events by using the new hires information stored in our HR application.

How can we further extend the business process solutions built using Nintex + Dropbox even further?

We’ve talked about a few solutions thus far. If you’ve noticed, most of the scenarios are around application to application, placing people into the process to make decisions and capturing content along the way. Through the Nintex Workflow Cloud platform, customers can also start build solutions that may interface with IoT devices, engage users using mobile applications, capture information through forms, dynamic generation of document content and through it all report and analyze on the process. The solutions are endless and through the Nintex Workflow Cloud platform, organizations can solve their process automation challenges easily and quickly.

Hopefully the above helped sparked some ideas around how you could leverage Nintex Workflow Cloud within your use of Dropbox Business (or any enterprise file sync and share that you may have that is currently supported).

In addition to this, I recommend reading Jason Lyman’s blog post on “3 Ways to Make Workflow Work For You”.


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Joshua Tan

Joshua is the Director, Product Management based in Melbourne, where he leads the product management efforts across the Nintex automation platform. He has over 10 years of experience in defining and building products. Enjoys the occasional recipe experimentation during his free time.

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