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Did You Know: Action Sets and Collapsible Actions for O365

‘Actions sets’ are simple and useful workflow action. As a matter of fact, ‘Action sets’ does not require any configuration (Unless you want to set the “Elevate permissions” checkbox.) It has a border that contains a pearl, when actions are added to the pearl inside the border, they become part of the Action set.

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Let us sum up some good features of the action sects

Action Sets Can Be Nested:

You can nest action sets within another action set. Each action set can be expanded or collapsed by its own.Collapsible Actions

Action Sets Can Run on “Elevate Permissions”:

If a parent action set was set to run on Elevate permission, then all of its child action sets will automatically run under the same setting.

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On the other hand, if the parent Action Set is not set to elevated, then child Action Set controls the privileges of its included actions.

nintex workflowCollapse and Expand:

The Action Set will be able to collapse down to a single action representation. When collapsed it will show a warning icon and message if any child action has elevated privileges in force but the parent does not.

Collapsible Actions

Collapsible Action:

All the actions that create branches or can contain actions will also be collapsible. This will include “Run If”, “Loop” and will also include the “Assign Task”.

Collapsible Actions

Action Sets and collapsible actions have many benefits:

  1. Organize Large Workflows:When the workflow grows in the number of actions, tracking the flow becomes a little bit challenging specially when scrolling up and down, left and right. But with Action sets, you can group actions and collapse them to save the view on the workflow designer. You can also group the actions under a state in a state machine workflow or use collapsible actions to simplify the view.
  2. Copy Action Sets Around the Workflow:In many cases, we have some actions that are repeated all over the state machine workflow, and the different is the configuration of the actions, so putting these actions in an Action set and being able to copy them, and finally change the actions configuration will save a lot of time.
  3. Better Overview of the Workflow:As you can label the action sets and collapsible actions, it will give you an idea about what this set of actions is doing, and this will help you get an overview of the workflow before getting into more details.

For more information about action sets, see the Nintex for Office 365 online help.


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