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KISS process complexity goodbye

Which unnecessarily complex business tasks would you consign to your organization’s history books? A few, no doubt, spring to mind.

By simplifying processes through automation, your organization can eradicate time-consuming tasks, leaving employees to focus on what needs to be done. Before you start automating, there’s an acronym you need to become familiar with: KISS.

Believe it or not, KISS is the key to solving process complexity in the workplace.

What is KISS?

It’s not the leather-clad 80s rock band. And it has nothing to do with love. KISS is the pillar of design, engineering, and business process efficiency worldwide. It stands for: Keep It Simple, Stupid.

Associated with the late Kelly Johnson, lead engineer at the Lockheed Skunk Works (that built the S-71 Blackbird spy plane), the term refers to making processes and products easier for the end user to understand. Johnson’s own example focused on soldiers in the field. They had to be able to repair tanks, planes, and other equipment with minimal training and simple tools. Anything more complex would make the equipment obsolete in the field as they couldn’t be fixed. Today, the US Navy and Military still use the acronym in their own software development projects.

But the term has gone far beyond the theater of war. KISS has found a place in the modern digital world. After all, simple processes generally breed better outcomes. In the office this incorporates a whole line of processes across your organization, from finance to HR, marketing, sales, and more.

Processes that need a big KISS

Simplifying processes is a key part of successful automation. Here are several processes that can benefit from being simplified and automated:

  1. Payroll and expense reporting

How long does the payroll take you? Are you forever swamped with expenses claims? All those approvals and manual tasks take a lot of time. Simplifying processes like these with automation cuts time down from days to minutes.

Through consolidating all parts of the payroll and expenses processes into one workflow, you can connect and manage all elements in the flow. Compiling financial data for payroll can be scheduled to be completed automatically (just set the date!), approvals for expenses claims can be filed without pressing a button, and digital expenses reports are generated and made available to key stakeholders.

  1. Recruiting and onboarding

Hiring new talent can often be a long and arduous process. Job adverts, CV reviews, candidate calls, interviews, job offers — and that’s all before you even start onboarding. However, a little KISS can bring some sense and simplicity to process complexity.

Switching to digital forms is a key first step to bring simplicity to chaos. From there, automated workflows can help you connect different hiring tasks together.

Set up workflows and implement RPA for repetitive hiring/onboarding processes like scheduling interviews, sending out and storing contracts, training session notifications, and more. All the pressure of locating, hiring, and eventually onboarding new talent becomes a far more streamlined process, leaving your teams more time to build relationships with your new employees.

  1. Procurement

How would you rate your procurement process? Easy to manage, or a pain in the foot? The complexity and delays often associated with the procurement process come from slow manual tasks and human error. Automation removes error, speeds up rote tasks exponentially, and enables your procurement teams to focus on delivering the best goods and services without having to worry about convoluted processes.

You can pull your organization out of a black hole of emails, and simplify purchasing by automating approval processes, generating accurate reports, and decreasing response times. In fact, automation can reduce approval and processing times from three to five weeks to just a few days.

  1. Discount approvals

Your sales team has just found an interested customer, but they require you to approve the discount that’s below the company guidelines. How long does this take? Agreeing on a price can make or break a sale, so you don’t want to leave the client hanging. Instead of the interminable back and forth, and pile up of emails, you can sprinkle automation into the discount approvals process.

Automation adds checks and balances to ensure sales teams generate quotes with consistent, accurate pricing that adheres to company guidelines without disrupting the sales flow. All this is done through a simple workflow. This automatically routes a proposed discount to a manager for review if it’s over the threshold, or it approves and posts to your CRM if it’s under the threshold.

Give simplicity the KISS of life

The Nintex Process Platform has process discovery and process mapping tools that identify complexity throughout your departments, and then find simpler alternatives. By eradicating unnecessary bottlenecks that plague overly complex processes, you can bring simplicity to the everyday operations of your organization.

KISS may not have the romanticism that the name suggests, but like all tales of love, the first KISS is the start of a rollercoaster adventure.



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