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Nintex K2 helps Shine Lawyers streamline its client onboarding process and yield $290,000 in new business

Life doesn’t only happen during business hours. And that means we sometimes need to reach out for help when offices are closed. So we head to company websites, which are terrific at conveying information one way — to the user — but not always efficient at evaluating whether that user would make a good customer.

This was one challenge faced by Australian-based Shine Lawyers, a global leader in class action and civil damages lawsuits. Potential customers could fill out a form on the website or send an email but didn’t receive an answer about the validity of their case until their information was processed by a person.

On the other hand, a potential customer could call the company and go through a 30-minute Q&A protocol with a staff member. Because all of Shine’s services are on contingency, the firm wasted resources on non-billable hours if the inquiry didn’t lead to a viable case. And even if the Q&A led to the firm taking on the case, that initial call had to be manually transcribed and the client had to be booked in for a consultation. More time. More money.

In short, Shine Lawyers needed a more customer-centric approach that streamlined its onboarding process — and it needed it fast. While Shine was experimenting with complicated digital forms, one of its key competitors launched its own automated solution.

Low code, not custom code

During his presentation at K2 Software’s recent virtual FastFWd Event, Luiz de Almeida, CIO at Shine Lawyers, explained that the marketing team was already working on developing a solution when he joined the company last year.

“The marketing team made a few false starts in this area and they wrote lots of custom code. They needed to pass information from this system to that system, from this workflow to that workflow; they had phone systems involved, they had webchats, they had all sorts of activity involved,” de Almeida said, adding that those point solutions weren’t delivering what they needed.

His IT team determined that they didn’t want to build another point solution, which is a solution that’s great at a point in time but only does one thing well and typically needs middleware or some sort of interaction to move the data from A to B. And they didn’t want to compromise on security.

“I want to make sure that we put a solution in place that can stand the test of time and multiple change durations,” de Almeida said.

That’s when they turned to Nintex K2. Shine had already invested in our digital process automation (DPA) platform and knew it was an all-encompassing solution — or as de Almeida said, one that could be used from cradle to grave. Shine also had internal skill sets, so it made sense for it to leverage its existing technology (which made for easy integrations). Last, security was a key factor. Nintex K2 recently achieved the gold standard in international, independent security classifications: ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and SOC2 Type II certifications.

“As a law firm across multiple ranges… it’s really paramount for us to be secure, and that is really the cornerstone of why I brought Nintex K2 in …” de Almeida said.

A lightbulb moment

Because the internal project was already underway when he joined Shine, de Almeida said he made himself unpopular by halting it, but after viewing a presentation by Nintex K2 partner, rapidMATION, he knew he had found his solution.

“I came out thinking, We own this technology; we could really use what they are doing in a different way to deliver this outcome,” de Almeida said.

Working with us, the Shine team realized we could deliver an out-of-the-box solution that met their needs.

A solution in record time

Shine’s marketing developers were nearing completion of their prototype, but it was overly complex and would be expensive and arduous to maintain. After conferring with the folks at rapidMATION, de Almeida asked the business to hold off and give his IT team the chance to deliver.

“Give us the opportunity to, just in a very short space of time, prove to you we can do exactly what it is you want to achieve with low technical code and a high degree of interoperability and a tremendous amount of security without compromise.” de Almeida said.

Our partners at rapidMATION put something together within 12 days — coming in on time and on budget.

As de Almeida concluded, “We really were able to show greater visibility to the customer in the onboarding process with hugely lower complexity and huge ease of use.”

Here’s how it works. A customer goes to the Shine website and is asked a few questions: AI performs the same function as a human at a call center, evaluating whether the user has a nuisance case or an actual legal issue. Based on the Q&A, the system can then qualify the user as a valid Shine opportunity.

Once the user is qualified as a potential client, the system then presents them with pictures of available lawyers in the user’s postcode, they select the lawyer they want to work with and an appointment goes directly into their calendar.

“This is incredible…” said de Almeida. “I’m not investing time filtering out bad callers. I’m giving the person the access to when it’s convenient for them to go through the triage process and book an appointment for themselves, in a time that suits them with a lawyer that is personable.”

All the information that was captured on the system at the point of questioning is passed to the firm’s legal practice management system and the lawyer gets a PDF of all the Q&A activity. When the client comes to the meeting for the first time, they don’t have to repeat themselves.

“It’s a win-win situation. The first time Shine’s actually investing human time and effort into a case is when they’re sitting in front of them for the first appointment. That is a significant saving for us,” de Almeida said.

Small footprint, big results

Shine rolled out the solution in a very limited scope, beginning with a small area of Queensland and motor vehicle cases. The goal was to prove the technology and then grow it. De Almeida’s team won over the business by delivering a viable solution in a very short timeframe.

They reduced the load on the call center by shifting the “pain and mundane” to a technology platform — allowing call center employees to do more customer-centric, value-added activities. Last, they were able to access new areas of the market because potential customers were helped in real-time, 24/7.

Shine had been working on developing a booking platform for three years and tried multiple iterations without success, but the rapidMATION team was able to use Nintex K2 to deliver a solution that exceeded all expectations.

Within the first eight weeks of the soft launch, online booking delivered new customers with a value of $290K (AUD). This is without any advertising or promotion.

“When we started booking, we actually rang a bell a few times,” de Almeida said. “We had to stop ringing the bell because it became really annoying.”

To hear more from Luis de Almeida’s presentation from the K2 Software FastFWD worldwide virtual event, click here.



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