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Nintex K2 extensions now on GitHub

As part of our product roadmap with the launch of the new Nintex K2 Cloud, we’re excited to provide even more opportunities to expand on the platform via GitHub.

Not only are we shipping new product features and documentation in our GitHub environment, but also, for some extensions, the source code for you to use as-is, contribute to, or provide feedback—including a new Microsoft Teams connector. These extension points are an important part of Nintex K2 Cloud, and we look forward to seeing our community innovations come to life like never before.

K2 Software’s GitHub environments

K2 Software has already had an active documentation site for a couple of years. This contains code examples and has served as a repository for things like connector descriptors (Swagger files).

Our new software GitHub site, K2 Software, contains source code so that you can contribute to projects outside of K2 Software if you choose. Because of what we’ve introduced here, we have the ability to ship extensions to the platform via GitHub as well as extensions to enable K2 Software functionality in other platforms like G Suite. Some of these are traditional open source repositories, which is what most everyone expects when they come to GitHub, while others are extensions that are free to use.

Open source tooling and the MS Teams Connector

Started by our product team, the K2 Software GitHub site originally hosted open source for Clay and Chasm, two extensions onto the .NET framework. Since then, we’ve added tools like the JSSP builder, a CLI for generating a JavaScript Service Provider (JSSP)-based broker from a Swagger or OpenAPIv3 descriptor. In line with the release of the first wave of Nintex K2 Cloud we’re expanding innovation to our community with open-source tooling like a SCIM sample that allows you to do your own identity management in Nintex K2 Cloud.

And while you can currently find more connectors available to download for use within your own environment, our Microsoft Teams Connector is now open source. This connector allows you to create, update, and delete Teams, Channels in Teams, and Tabs in Channels. It also allows you to send a message to a channel.

The future of open innovation

As we planned our product roadmap for 2020, we knew that ecosystems and community would be key to our Nintex K2 Cloud release. Now, as we can continue to grow our GitHub repository and our upcoming Marketplace, we encourage our K2 Software partner and customer community to contribute to our projects or reach out with new projects we can crosslink or host on our site. Depending on the nature of each extension’s repository, we plan on using GitHub for both open-source extensions as well as releasing extensions that you may not be able to contribute to, but you can always create issues that you may encounter when using the extension.

While our current examples are mainly back-end oriented, future examples will include front-end design and development—anything from custom controls to UI framework to PWAs.

Use our new tools out of the box or contribute back to our Microsoft Teams Connector and more in our K2 Software GitHub. Or, you can reach out to the team on GitHub.



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