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Nintex K2 Cloud updates: Improved data storage & faster process application-building functionality

At Nintex K2, we’re dedicated to continuing to be the fastest and smartest low-code process automation platform. As part of that commitment, we continually innovate and improve our software to meet the demands of today’s businesses. We’re excited to announce the latest updates for Nintex K2 Cloud allow developers to build process applications faster than ever before in Nintex K2’s simple drag-and-drop interface. Below are a few highlights from this release:

SmartBox offers centralized storage for your business data

We’ve added lots of new functionality to SmartBox, Nintex K2’s built-in data storage service, for your business data that does not currently have a home in an existing line-of-business system.

SmartBox is a solution for your application data that doesn’t already live in a third-party system. Instead of storing data in each individual application, SmartBox provides a centralized repository that can be utilized across all Nintex K2 applications and is managed directly from Nintex K2’s management console.

New SmartBox features include:

  • Row-level security – Store data for many users in a single SmartBox object while restricting row-level access based on the user’s identity.
  • Dedicated schema – Keep SmartBox business data separate from application data for meeting compliance, and backup and disaster recovery policies.
  • Property Indexing – Create indexes on your SmartBox data properties manually or have Nintex Nintex K2 intelligently add them where needed to improve performance when conducting using those properties for searches or joins.

These new features provide the security, performance and scalability, design flexibility, and governance to make SmartBox a true enterprise-class business data storage system — built right into Nintex K2.

SmartBox can seamlessly scale based on your needs, from a small team-based application to an enterprise-class solution. Developers of all skill levels can create SmartBox objects through Nintex K2 Designer’s simple point–and–click interface without having to engage the assistance of IT or database administrators.

Trigger multiple sub-workflows automatically

The ability to launch a sub-workflow from a parent workflow process isn’t new functionality, but Nintex K2 Cloud now makes it easier than ever to trigger multiple instances of a workflow against a list of items.

For example, you can schedule a parent workflow that runs daily and initiates sub workflows against all the items in a list that match certain criteria, like a due date that matches the current date. You can easily specify the interaction between that parent workflow and the sub-workflow – whether the parent workflow should wait for the sub workflows to complete before continuing or continue processing the parent workflow steps, in a “fire and forget” mode.

This feature puts complicated “for each” type logic squarely within reach of all developers, without requiring formal programming knowledge or training, and makes it possible to implement faster than ever before for highly skilled developers.

Start integration warning badges in SmartAssist

Nintex K2’s SmartAssist provides guidance and assistance to developers in the form of warning and error badging that helps you know every step of the way what needs to be configured, resolved, or considered when building your Nintex K2 workflow.

Our latest release adds Start Integration warning badges. Now, in Nintex K2 Workflow Designer, SmartAssist displays a warning badge on the Start step of your workflow if you have not configured start events for your workflow.

This warning won’t block workflow deployment, because there are scenarios under which a developer might not want to configure a start option for their workflow (maybe this will be a sub-workflow, called by another workflow).

So in this way, SmartAssist helps both business developers AND professional developers with useful tips and guidance to build their applications, without limiting power and flexibility.

These new features plus all the great benefits of Nintex K2’s digital process automation platform are available to customers today. If you’re not already using the fastest, smartest, low-code process automation platform, why not? Contact us today to get started!



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