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Nintex K2 Cloud transformative automation to drive operational excellence and competitive advantage

We understand that customer service is the lifeblood of every business. This has always been true, but in this turbulent environment, the stakes are higher than ever. Customer expectations are constantly expanding; they want frictionless, seamless, and integrated processes across all digital touchpoints, and they expect the same seamless experience to continue into real-world interactions.

This expectation has only deepened during COVID-19, as many consumers are conducting most, if not all, of their business online. And even as businesses reopen in some areas, consumers will continue to demand an integrated experience that allows them to move between digital and in-person interactions effortlessly.

For most companies, operational processes are still fragmented, manual, and siloed across their organizations. Disconnected workflows and lack of visibility hinder businesses from meeting critical compliance requirements and making real-time business decisions, which can lead to operational inefficiencies.

The bottom line is businesses want to deliver a streamlined and integrated experience for their customers and employees, but it’s not easy to simplify complex automation.

Bringing all points together

Our vision is to help businesses improve the touchpoints that link the customer experience-facing processes back to employees and operational systems. Our new platform, Nintex K2 Cloud, will do that and more. Nintex K2 Cloud combines our industry-leading process automation with an open, modern cloud integration service to remove the cost and complexity of building point-to-point integrations.

But it’s far more than a rebranding; we’ve made a number of significant expansions to deliver on our vision.

Nintex K2 Cloud enables users to automate manual processes, build more efficient processes, and remove bottlenecks by getting the right information into the right hands. It provides the tools to solve your most critical automation needs, including:

  • Orchestrating work between humans, bots, and systems utilizing Nintex K2 Cloud’s power workflow engine
  • Removing silos of data by connecting and streamlining information using our patented cloud integration service
  • Empowering knowledge workers with tools that can enable them to make decisions faster and adapt to change quickly

The five pillars

We’ve built Nintex K2 Cloud on five pillars, which encompass its benefits and essential features.

1. Power — Orchestrate excellence

Individual task automation is a critical component of successful digital transformation, but without an efficient way to manage end-to-end processes, you can’t achieve true productivity

Nintex K2 Cloud enables broad end-to-end orchestration of processes across your business, including coordinating activities across systems, data, people, bots, and more — all of which improve efficiency. Using our patented technology, we virtualize your enterprise data and help you avoid the spiderweb of point-to-point integration that adds complexity to your processes.

2. Deliver results faster — Delivering more value with less code

By combining traditional development principles with the ease of low-code tools, Nintex K2 Cloud enables you to rapidly configure and deliver truly game-changing solutions so you can adapt your processes as quickly as your industry or market demands.

3. Boost productivity — Improved customer and employee experiences

A great user experience isn’t just about pretty user interfaces; it’s about making it easier to get work done and make decisions quickly. Nintex K2 Cloud improves your customer and employee experience by supporting the way they work; streamlining both structured and semi-structured task activity. This provides your customers with greater visibility to their processes, and real-time updates — any time, from anywhere — resulting in superior customer service.

4. Innovate continuously — Delivering continuous innovation

As your business evolves, so should the technology you use to run it. Nintex K2 Cloud enables continuous innovation by learning from your work activity, tapping into emerging technologies like AI, machine learning, or Robotic Process Automation (RPA). This allows you to be more agile so you can continually improve the processes that run your business.

5. Proven enterprise-scale — Enterprise-ready, for everyone

Finally, Nintex K2 Cloud is built on an enterprise-hardened platform used by thousands of customers across the globe. Nintex K2 Cloud combines a scalable cloud infrastructure, powerful governance, and auditing capabilities, and the use of industry-standard security and compliance protocols to run your most business-critical applications without fail.

The three waves

To deliver on our vision, we’re releasing Nintex K2 Cloud in three waves.

Wave one of the Nintex K2 Cloud roadmap is available today as part of a significant update to the platform. We have enhanced our industry-leading process automation with a new open, modern cloud integration and identity services to remove the cost and complexity of building point-to-point integrations.

These new capabilities provide a powerful way to rapidly build secure and flexible integrations from the cloud, using JavaScript and open standards such as OpenAPI and OpenID specifications. By combining traditional development with the ease of low-code capabilities, Nintex K2 Cloud helps companies accelerate their digital transformation, providing no-code, visual designers that make it easy to design and configure process automation workflows and forms.

In the fall, the Nintex K2 Cloud Application Framework will be launched and will allow organizations to rapidly configure new case management-based apps without coding and to visually assemble end-to-end solutions from configurable components and templates. This is supported by robust Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) services, which enable agile DevOps practices and speed time to value.

In Q1 2021, Nintex K2 Cloud Solutions, a suite of prebuilt industry apps and services built on the new Cloud architecture, will be launched. These apps will be powered by new Nintex K2 Cloud AI services with embedded pre-trained models and cognitive services to deliver smarter and more intelligent outcomes. Nintex Nintex K2 Cloud Apps will provide out-of-the-box rapid deployments that can be configured with the Nintex K2 Cloud platform and tools and easily extended with components from K2 Software and the ecosystem available via the Nintex K2 Cloud Marketplace.

We’ve been on a journey to create transformative automation that connects your people, systems, and processes. Nintex K2 Cloud is the next step on that journey and will deliver the results that matter most to your business – profitability, productivity, and exceptional customer service. Learn more about Nintex K2 Cloud here.



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