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ISVs: Accelerate your deals with Nintex Embedded

At Nintex, we strive to make work easier for our partners and customers.

With thousands of enterprise customers leveraging our process automation apps on the Salesforce AppExchange, we understand the unique challenges of successfully launching new products and going up-market in the Salesforce ecosystem. In 2019, ISV partners of all sizes, industries, and clouds are especially challenged to differentiate their offerings and realize new revenue, navigating the fine balance between creating new features and managing limited resources to meet increasing customer requirements.

That’s why we created the Nintex ISV partner program – to help our partners leverage our platform to power their most important business processes around their products and differentiate themselves in today’s competitive market.

Building a partner-first platform

It was important for us to first create an extensible, API-based platform that our partners could use to extend and integrate their disperate systems and apps. Nintex is a powerful no-code automation tool that abides by industry standards to allow our partners to easily build their own unique use cases.

For example, Nintex Drawloop DocGen® is native to both Salesforce and Microsoft Office. Our customers can extract data into a document from any Custom or Standard Object, no matter the Managed Package, and automate and customize their customers’ most important documents with all the power of familiar tools – Word, PowerPoint, Excel and/or PDF.

They can then deliver the documents to any destination such as Box, Dropbox, e-mail, direct download, and more. They can send documents for review, e-signature, and approval using Nintex Workflow – all with the click of a button.

With rising customer expectations around user experience, we provide options to make this seamless, from pre-sales installation to post-sales deployment. This makes it easy to show technology value at lower services costs for the end customer.

Leverage approved vendors to add tremendous automation value

Our partners will often see increased close rates by embedding our functionality. For example, simply connecting the most critical documents of their customers and demoing the documents with Nintex Drawloop can consistently help improve close rates and win competitive deals. Our Technical Evangelist Ryan O’Leary offers a step-by-step guide to this approach and why it works.

Whether our ISV partners are building a healthcare application to automate patient summary reports, a field service application accelerating service-to-cash use cases, or an insurance application that delivers sales proposals and claims, we aim to mutually create less work for the end customer by embedding Nintex technology with theirs.

With Nintex, our partners can build confidence that they understand the data, processes, and systems that matter most to their customers.

Extending automation across the enterprise

With Nintex Drawloop DocAutomation®, our partners can also embed no-code workflows and forms to automate everything from contract approvals and customer satisfaction surveys.

This extends the use of Nintex for just document generation, to all the mission-critical business processes before, during, and after document creation events that are ripe for automation.

Watch the short webinar recap to learn more:

Interested in becoming a Nintex partner? Reach out at iris.yuan@nintex.com.


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