Introducing New Identity Management Service for Use Across Cloud-Based Nintex Technologies

Nintex and Identity Management

At Nintex, we are always looking at how we can improve the experience and productivity of our customers and partners.

With this in mind, we are working on a new identity management service that helps you manage authentication, authorization, roles, and privileges for your organization across Nintex’s cloud-based products.

The rationale behind an identity management service is that it not only increases governance and productivity but also decreases repetitive tasks and ensures that the appropriate people in an enterprise have appropriate access to its technology resources.

Change Password Requirement

In early August, in preparation for the introduction of this identity management service, we will require Nintex Workflow Cloud® users to reset their passwords. There will be a message on the log on screen to Nintex Workflow Cloud alerting users to update their password in order to complete the upgrade to the new identity service.

If you have more than one Nintex Workflow Cloud tenancy, rest assured you will only need to go through this process once.

Benefits and Features of a Nintex Identity Management Service

Introducing an identity management service will facilitate single sign-on capability across Nintex Workflow Cloud, Nintex Hawkeye, and Nintex App Studio. What this means is users will have one username and one password for all these products. Users will only need to authenticate and establish a session to one product to then be able to switch seamlessly between them.

Similarly, users will be able to single sign-out, where signing out of one product ends their sessions in other products. Additional features will include the ability for an IT Pro/IT Administrator to assume company-wide responsibility for their organization’s identity services.

IT Pros will be able to connect their own federation identity service (like Azure AD), to set their own password strength requirements, user off-boarding, as well as enabling enhanced security features such as multi-factor authentication.

We’re really looking forward to progressively rolling out this new service over the next few months and, as always, we’d love to hear your feedback and suggestions.


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David Fitzpatrick

David Fitzpatrick is a Product Manager for Nintex Workflow Cloud responsible for identity and user management features, the Workflow as a Service capability and the Nintex Xtensions® framework. In addition to the workflow space, he has extensive experience managing products in the search and directory, telecommunications and digital sports sectors.