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A new, improved way to access business critical, process and workflow insights from Nintex is coming soon

The long-term impact the global pandemic will have on businesses is yet to be known, but one thing is clear – in order to survive in a world post-COVID, business leaders will have to constantly look for opportunities to create operational efficiencies that optimize their business ROI.

As always, Nintex offers an easy, powerful, and complete set of tools to help organizations map and automate their processes in order to drive better business outcomes. But that is just the start.

True optimization starts by leveraging data and insights for better decision-making.

Over the last 12 months, the Nintex Process Platform has evolved greatly. As more capabilities become available, our team saw a need to invest in building a scalable big data infrastructure and redefine the Nintex Analytics experience for our users.

Introducing a new Nintex Analytics portal

After conducting months of research and collecting valuable feedback from many customers, we are proud to announce a newly redesigned and improved analytics capability on the Nintex Process Platform.

This updated experience leverages the power of Azure Data Lake with plenty of great user experience features in an easy to use but powerful process and workflow analytics solution.

Several enhancements to Nintex Analytics will improve user experience and allow our customers and partners to leverage critical data to keep their automated business processes and workflows running smoothly and effectively.

  1. Data accuracy:

At Nintex, we understand how critical data is for key decision-making. By rebuilding our data infrastructure from scratch, our Product and Engineering teams were able to resolve a key pain point with our legacy analytics product, Nintex Hawkeye. Our main goal is to ensure data accuracy and consistency in this new iteration of Nintex Analytics.

  1. Scalability:

This will be delivered via two capabilities in a later update.

    • Users will have the ability to scale across the entire Nintex Process Platform, including data from Nintex Promapp®, Nintex RPA, Nintex Drawloop DocGen®, and Nintex Forms, which was not the case in Nintex Hawkeye.
    • Nintex Analytics can now support the delivery of AI/applied ML model creation and deployment, allowing delivery of predictive analytics.
  1. Ease of use:

Users will have a smooth migration from Nintex Hawkeye. It will take little time to get started on the new portal, and our team is dedicated to helping customers and partners make the transition.

  1. Single sign-on (SSO):

Users can now leverage their Nintex Customer Central credentials to log in to Nintex Analytics, reducing friction and allowing users to easily access their analytics

Here’s a look into more features you can expect in our first version of the portal:

  • A simple to consume, scenario-based dashboard view to replace the construct of lenses ­– reducing setup time and allowing you to access your data faster.
  • Seamless data syncing to help you focus on and act upon insights instead of spending time on configuration.
  • Removing the complexity of beacons by managing the feature via an OData feed.
  • No additional PowerBI licenses required, as data will be readily available via the Nintex Analytics dashboard and deep-dive views.
  • Data coverage primarily focused on Nintex Workflow data.

But that’s just the first step. We have a roadmap full of enhancements expected to be delivered throughout the next 12-month period and beyond, including:

  • Data coverage progressively growing to span the entire Nintex Process Platform, including Nintex Forms, Nintex Promapp, Nintex RPA, Nintex Drawloop DocGen®
  • A growing library of widgets to help our customers answer their most critical business questions
  • Comparisons, benchmarks, and the ability to set KPI monitoring and alerts
  • Customizable dashboard views
  • And more… 

Ready to start optimizing your processes with Nintex Analytics?

If you are a current Nintex Hawkeye customer, we’ll be adding in-product communication with instructions on how to create an account/complete your account setup. Look out for a banner in the Nintex Hawkeye home page.

Additionally, we have developed comprehensive help documentation and we will be running webinars in October and November to support a smooth transition.

If you are new to Nintex Analytics or are interested in getting started, speak to your Nintex account manager or partner manager to find out how can you get a new workspace set-up once the portal is live!



Interested in discovering how Nintex could help your organization improve your processes and automate work?  Contact us today.



Mauricio Franzoni

Mauricio is a manager on the Product Management team based out of Melbourne, Australia. He brings years of experience to Nintex and oversees a multitude of tools such as Nintex Promapp, Nintex RPA, Nintex DocGen & Nintex Analytics.

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