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RPA implementation: An interview with robotic process automation experts BankRPA

Robotic process automation (RPA) is an invaluable technology for companies that need to get more done with fewer resources. I recently spent time with RPA experts BankRPA, to ask them questions about RPA implementation and why they’ve adopted Nintex RPA over other RPA vendors.

If you’re unfamiliar with RPA, read our “what is RPA” whitepaper.

RPA implementation as you may know it

In discussing BankRPA’s most recent robotic process automation implementations with other vendors, we uncovered some challenges that make RPA unattainable for certain processes and for small to mid-size companies.

5 considerations for RPA implementation:

  • Involves initial licensing purchase and associated set-up costs
  • Requires a solutions consultant to help steer you in the right direction for design, development, testing, and roll-out
  • Includes incremental licensing costs and professional services hours are required for new solutions
  • Tend to be very dev-centric, so a dedicated developer with specialized skills would be required
  • Creates a high dependency on consultants for general maintenance and solving incremental challenges

“The pricing is not transparent, and banks have to sit through many meetings just to find the cost, rather than upfront pricing.”

– Michael Rider, Co-Founder of BankRPA.

In Michael’s experience, other implementations look similar to this:

robotic process automationThis figure is meant to be a guide and based on BankRPA’s recent RPA engagements. “Cumulative Price” is software licensing and professional services.

Challenges to traditional RPA solutions:

  • High barrier to entry for first solution (200k+)
  • Expertise is limited to external providers
  • Pricing model is per bot, but many processes need multiple bots
  • Which calls for the need to justify 20k+ for an incremental bot implementation

To learn more about RPA solutions, read: Top 3 challenges with traditional robotic process automation (RPA)

Nintex’s approach to RPA

Nintex’s philosophy has always been to empower people to build more solutions faster,and at a reasonable price.

Our RPA technology is no different. In discussing BankRPA’s recent success leveraging Nintex RPA, there are certain people who should really take another look at robotic process automation now. Nintex RPA is attainable to all clients, regardless of company size or process sophistication.

Below is a figure of cost averages considering software licensing and professional services, provided by BankRPA using Nintex, which has been overlaid on the previous chart.

robotic process automation

“Nintex RPA provides a robust RPA solution that can be implemented in a short time frame with minimal or gradual costs.”

– Michael Rider, Co-Founder, BankRPA

Benefits of Nintex RPA

  • Priced per “botflow™,” with unlimited bots per botflow™
  • Minimal services cost for implementation
  • Excellent support model and partner support
  • Faster implementation time – in days, not weeks or months

For inspiration: Use Cases for Nintex RPA or Nintex Solution Gallery

…OK, so it’s less expensive and faster – how about the types of solutions?

Solve for the majority! Processes of all kinds – simple, sophisticated, and complex – are all attainable.

Consider three cases:

  1. You’re a large company, have a very complex problem where you can justify the barrier to entry of legacy RPA providers. The ROI checks out after considering the man-hours, licensing, and services costs. These are the solutions where legacy RPA technology made sense and primarily what’s been addressed to-date.
  2. You’re a large company with a simple, sophisticated or complex case, but one that doesn’t have enough frequency that the cost of man-hours or customer benefit justifies the spend. On a robotic process automation solution. The ROI doesn’t compute for the ~250k barrier to entry.
  3. You’re a small or mid-size company that may only have a handful of processes, if any, that could justify the spend.

“Nintex RPA allows for proof of concept by utilizing the 30 day free trial, and partner support to validate that Nintex RPA solves the challenge. We have not found a use case that we have not been able to solve with Nintex RPA.”

– Mammet Dovgeldiyev, Co-Founder, BankRPA

Nintex customers often have 1000+ production processes automated and 1m+ annual ROI directly attributed to the Nintex Platform.

Nintex: The global standard in process management and automation

What I hear frequently from clients is that they know they need automation, and whether it’s robotic process automation, API integrations, etc… you just want it automated.

Nintex is the most complete platform for process management and automation. Some cases do need RPA, some you can build custom workflows leveraging APIs, Nintex has the right technology to tackle the challenge.

**One easy-to-understand license for all products

“Nintex RPA was upgraded from Foxtrot. Organizations can gain the benefits of true RPA with the Nintex RPA that is a perfect fit for banks and credit unions.”

Michael Rider, Co-Founder, BankRPA

Nintex and BankRPA are offering a free process mapping session and RPA proof of concept

Contact me for more information.

Just want to dip your toe in the water? We have licensing and support to get you going.

If you are interested in learning about how Nintex RPA offers new flexible licensing options for personal bots, click here.


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Ross Zboralski

Ross Zboralski is the Director of Strategic Partner Management, where he leads our channel team to enable and support Nintex’s top business and technology consulting partners. He helps solve for of our clients most sophisticated process management and automation challenges. Ross has a broad range of experience in partnerships & alliances, business consulting and solution sales.

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