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Intelligently Automate with the Right Approach and Technology

Today at Intelligent Automation Week in Chicago Nintex Director of Product Marketing Mike Lewis moderated a session with Fernando Nunes from MAN Energy Solutions and Nintex’s Brad Orluk. In the session, Nunes shared his framework for optimizing processes with digital automation tools and Orluk demoed the new Document Entity Identifier (DEI) solution developed by Avanade.

Lessons learned from MAN Energy Solutions

When it comes to automating business processes with IPA or RPA MAN Energy Solutions Process Automation Architect Fernando Nunes implements what he’s coined the “LAR” approach. There are 3 elements to the LAR framework:

  •  Lean: A process optimization methodology that focuses on improving the effectiveness and efficiency of a process by eliminating activities that do not add value to the customers and the product.
  • Automation: Automating business processes to achieve digital transformation and improve overall productivity and effectiveness.
  •  Robotic Process Automation (RPA): Application of software or “robot” to capture and interpret existing applications for processing a transaction, manipulating data, triggering responses and communicating with other digital systems.

LAR is the result of Fernando’s experience and lessons learned from automating business processes at MAN Energy Solutions. In his experience with automation, he found that we’re sometimes too quick to automate without analyzing the process isolated from technology. There were instances where he delivered the automated process requested but it would be wrong – not because of the automation, but the process.

“When someone comes to us and asks us to automate, they are saying ‘we have this process and we need to make it better,’” says Fernando. “The first question to ask should be ‘is this process right?’ Let’s understand the overall process and how it should work before we start automating it.”
Together lean, automation and RPA can help organizations achieve process optimization. Business processes that can benefit from LAR are repeatable and include multiple people, systems, procedures, technologies, and more.

Read Fernando Nunes’ article “LAR, doce LAR” to learn more.

Avanade’s Document Entity Identifier

Nintex Solution Architect Brad Orluk walked IAW attendees through Avanade’s Document Entity Identifier (DEI) solution. The DEI solution was built with Nintex by Avanade to address the challenges of common application processes from end-to-end by leveraging a combination of human and machine intelligence to create a streamlined experience.

“Our work with Nintex is enabling us to combine the best of Avanade’s consulting skills, Nintex’s Intelligent Process Automation platform and Microsoft’s industry-leading machine intelligence,” says Frank Catone, Robotics Process Automation Sales Lead at Avanade.

DEI’s algorithms leverage multiple Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services tools, including Computer Vision and Text Analytics, to read, classify, and extract value from a scanned document. When combined with RPA and orchestrated with Advanced Workflow on the Nintex Platform, a traditionally tedious and time-consuming process becomes simple and streamlined.

Read Brad Orluk’s blog post “Revolutionizing the Application Process with Nintex + Avanade” to learn more about the new DEI solution.


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