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Key takeaways from Microsoft Inspire 2019

We were proud to be a sponsor of Microsoft’s recent Inspire conference in Las Vegas. We spoke to many partners about their exciting solutions and the future of the Microsoft Partner Network. Microsoft made big announcements about both MPN and their technological advancements. Here are some of our Inspire key takeaways, what we learned about what’s coming this year, and some insights into the future.

Nintex at Microsoft Inspire 2019

Senior Technical Evangelist Terry Simpson was one of the many great people manning the Nintex booth at Inspire. Throughout the week, he engaged with Nintex partners and Microsoft employees to learn more about their experiences with our platform. He noted:

“I personally heard a lot of feedback congratulating Nintex on the award we received for ISV Co-Sell Impact. There were many comments on how Nintex continues to enhance the platform capabilities and offer a complete enterprise automation solution. We also received positive feedback on the Nintex pricing model — several partners commented on how the new model allows customers to get access to the tool at a low entry point and grow with the platform.”

During the week, we learned much more about Microsoft’s own technological advancements and how they’re going to transform the Microsoft Partner Network throughout the coming year.

Up in the cloud

Microsoft’s focus on encouraging and empowering partners to embrace the power of its Azure cloud platform was clear. New Azure features were highlighted throughout the week. They included Azure Lighthouse, a control panel that gives partners a single view of their deployments, allowing them to manage Azure at scale. Microsoft also unveiled the Azure Migration Program, which provides advice and tools to help businesses accelerate their migration to Azure cloud services.

The continued focus on Azure demonstrates Microsoft’s commitment to giving partners the tools required to take advantage of the cloud, modernize their businesses, and transform their offerings.

At Nintex, the focus on cloud technology is close to our hearts. One of the highlights in our Nintex Workflow Cloud offering is its ability to use connectors to integrate with apps like Salesforce, SharePoint, and many more. At Inspire, we demonstrated how to connect workflows with many Azure services. Several partners commented on the value they see in connecting to things like Azure Machine Learning, Cognitive Services, Sentiment Analysis, and Facial Sentiment.

Artificial Intelligence

Microsoft unveiled a new program called The AI Accelerate Program. The program’s goal is to help partners more quickly build and deploy AI solutions.

Microsoft also announced five new MPN specializations (the Microsoft qualifications that indicate a business’s offerings and specialties), including specific migration specialties, web application modernization, and Kubernetes. Expansion of the specializations will help partners differentiate their offerings in a rapidly expanding market.

While there were many breathtaking demos over the course of the week, one stood out in terms of tangibly demonstrating the capabilities of AI. Microsoft HoloLens was demoed by Julia White, Microsoft’s Corporate VP of Marketing. Using AI neural text-to-speech, White was able to project onto the stage an AR hologram of herself speaking Japanese, which was translated from English in real-time using machine learning. Mixed reality is a rapidly growing technology, one that’s striking in how “sci-fi” it feels. Microsoft is leading the charge in making it not only available but demonstrating its value to businesses.

Dynamics 365 also grabbed the spotlight at Inspire. Two new integrations were announced to provide tailored tools for the finance and automotive industries. Updates for the Dynamics 365 Non-profit Accelerator were also announced, emphasizing Microsoft’s focus on the full spectrum of business needs.

Teams work

At his eagerly anticipated Corenote session, Satya Nadella offered a detailed discussion about how Teams has become the modern hub for collaboration and communication.

Throughout the week, Microsoft announced new features in Teams, including partner integrations that provide support for contact centers, compliance, and cloud solution providers. There were also Teams success stories that illustrated the power of the application, allowing the 19 million weekly users to see various ways to embrace and utilize the platform.

Dr. David Kellerman, a lecturer at the school of engineering at the University of New South Wales, summed up the flexibility and potential of Teams with a visual journey through his own experience with the application. Using AI, Kellerman adapted tailor-made solutions for his students to easily find the notes and answers they needed within a large volume of course information. This ability to integrate information from other applications means that workers can make their days easier and accomplish tasks from a central hub.

Another great Inspire

Technology moves quickly, and at Nintex we move with it. Each year we attend Microsoft Inspire to discover how Microsoft is innovating, learn from other partners, and be inspired by the cutting-edge technology on view. We’re glad to say that this year was one of our most enjoyable yet!


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