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Bringing notifications further: Incorporating Slack into your Nintex Workflow Cloud® processes

Slack and other messaging applications are not new to the business world, but they are increasingly important to communication and collaboration between individuals and teams. With the increase in adoption and integration of these applications into businesses across the world comes an increased need for the tool’s versatility.

In this blog post, I explain how messaging tools like Slack can be incorporated into your automated workflows so that you maximize the full potential of your business processes.

Integrating Slack notifications with your workflows

Nintex has brought to customers a new way for your business to connect Slack to your workflows. We’ve built a connector that automatically creates channels to deliver information to groups or individuals in an organization.

This tool was built by Dan Burke, a Senior Sales Engineer here at Nintex. If you want to learn more about the Slack Action, read his blog post on the Nintex Community site here.

For example, if a sales contract has been submitted with redlines added and you need that document to be reviewed by your legal department, you can send a notification via Slack to the #legalredlines channel so those subscribed to that channel may provide assistance. The notification is immediate and allows for additional conversations between teams around the sales deal directly in Slack.

Not only does this allow you to build workflows that interact with Slack, but you can also incorporate information from other third-party applications. Imagine if you wanted to include information on the account where the contract is executed.

You can use Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamic CRM connectors to query the data you need, when you need it, and add additional context to the Slack notification straight from that environment.

Accessing the Slack action in your Nintex Workflow Cloud tenant

The Slack action is available in the Nintex Solution Accelerator Gallery, a resource that includes numerous templates for a multitude of Nintex use cases. This includes RPA botflows™, process maps, workflows, and custom connectors. These templates will allow you to get started quickly with prebuilt assets in a variety of use cases.

Once you have opened the Nintex Solution Accelerator Gallery, select the ‘Connectors’ capability in the top menu and locate the ‘Slack’ connector. Click the ‘I Want This!’ button to download the zipped folder and extract the contents. The same page will provide information on how to configure the action once imported.

If you wish to go directly to the Slack connector page, click here.

From within your Nintex Workflow Cloud tenant, the Admin or Developer will be able to import the JSON file into the Xtensions® section of Nintex Workflow Cloud.

Continuing with Nintex Workflow Cloud

Interested in discovering what else is available? Head over the Nintex Solution Accelerator Gallery and check out other process maps, workflows, botflows™, and custom connectors.

If you have a suggestion for an additional template, each section has a ‘Suggestions’ option where you can add your thoughts on what we should be building. We would love to hear what you would like to see added to the Gallery to help you build automation processes or process documentation even faster!

Further, if you want to learn more about Nintex Workflow Cloud, head over to Nintex University and register for on-demand learning modules, instructor-led training, and test your knowledge by earning your Nintex Process Automation certification.



Interested in trying out this action in Nintex Workflow Cloud for yourself? Click here to request a free trial of Nintex Workflow Cloud.



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