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Improving the NBA Customer Experience with Nintex Workflow Cloud®

Last year, on November 30, 2016, the Philadelphia 76ers were set to play the Sacramento Kings in Philadelphia at Wells Fargo Arena.

However, the night before the Philadelphia Flyers hosted an NHL game. The hockey ice remained under the basketball court for the November 30th NBA game, which is standard procedure for the operations staff at the Wells Fargo Center.

But, instead of 76ers tipping-off their basketball match against the Kings at 7 p.m. the game was first postponed an hour to mop condensation off the “sweating” basketball court floor.

Ultimately, the 76ers game was canceled due to unsafe playing conditions. Basketball fans were not happy with the delay nor with the outcome: no NBA game.

Meanwhile the 76ers organization was left to orchestrate a large logistical challenge: Refund game tickets and issue parking refunds for all fans impacted by the cancelled November 30th basketball game.

NWC Basketball

It’s no question that managing arena temperature and humidity in a large building can be difficult for operations staff — especially when you factor in the impact of external weather conditions. Due to unseasonably-warm weather temperatures and the fact that the Wells Fargo Arena also maintains the ice rink for the hockey team, condensation collected on the 76ers basketball court making playing conditions too dangerous.

The condensation was so severe that mopping and adjusting arena temperature wasn’t enough to address the slick floors as often it can take hours to adjust the arenas environment.

Unfortunately, on March 6 this year, a Minnesota Timberwolves game against the Portland Trailblazers at the Target Center was cancelled for the same situation that faced the 76ers last year – unseasonably warm weather, impacting an arena maintaining an ice rink.

In the case of the Timberwolves vs Trailblazers game cancellation, it was a Disney on Ice event the day before instead of a hockey game.

So What Can Nintex Do?

So, this left us thinking… what if there was a way to avoid the humid conditions that caused the condensation to build up on enclosed arena floors in the first place?

If Wells Fargo Arena building operations had an automated monitoring of temperature and humidity they could have been alerted to the quickly changing weather conditions and made the appropriate adjustments.

When conditions like these change, it can take hours to fix if not responded to immediately.

Enter a solution that monitors temperature and humidity and automates the response to changes in real-time. This process can be orchestrated with Nintex Workflow Cloud.

In my recent blog post with Nintex partner Ben Stori from Solution Design Group (sdg) on the Internet of Things (IoT) with Nintex Workflow Cloud, we highlight how IoT technology is growing quickly and is creating new opportunities to improve processes.

According to Gartner, 8.4 billion connected IoT devices will be in use this year alone, and more than 20 billion in 2020. IoT devices are already being used across commerce, healthcare, home, security and more.

A connected humidity and temperature sensor in a sports arena, especially one maintaining an ice rink, makes it possible for operations staff to seamlessly monitor environmental changes and address issues before they even arise.

Endless Possibilities With IoT

With Nintex Workflow Cloud, you can automate and orchestrate a response to IoT data coming from a wide-range of devices including temperature and humidity sensors.

If certain thresholds are hit, Nintex Workflow Cloud can trigger a workflow to alert operations staff via email or SMS, post messages to social channels like Slack or Microsoft Teams, coordinate temperature change approvals, or even automatically adjust the temperature, and prevent condensation from forming like it did at Wells Fargo Arena and the Target Center. All negating the cost to both the fans, team and organization.

The possibilities for automating processes across people and systems resulting from IoT data beyond sports stadiums are endless.

Anyone utilizing IoT devices could leverage Nintex Workflow Cloud to turn IoT data into an opportunity to improve the customer experience. Integrating an IoT device with Nintex Workflow Cloud connects the things organizations use to the people and processes that need them.


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