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Simple improvement and incident tracking

Incidents and improvements are two sides of the same coin. Where customer complaints or process breakdowns are a result of business processes not functioning optimally, improvement suggestions and innovations are an attempt to identify those inefficiencies or weak points and overcome them before they become a problem. Both have a direct impact on business process management and connect to the procedures and processes that were designed to increase work productivity in your organization.

It only makes sense then that these two functions should be part of the same platform. Unfortunately, they seldom are.

Many incident and improvement management systems are standalone tools, often built on the back of unwieldy spreadsheets or bespoke software solutions. They can be time-intensive to manage and maintain, requiring the expertise of one or two trained users to operate effectively.

That means there are a limited number of staff responsible for collating feedback and making sense of broadly varying inputs to get some semblance of value from the system. Even when they are being utilized effectively, someone will still be required to take the gathered information and apply it meaningfully to process management.

The potential for reported information falling through the cracks is very real.

Incident tracking and reporting

Nintex Promapp®’s solution is to integrate incident and improvement reporting into the business process mapping and management tool from the outset.

The improvement add-on brings the process of reporting an incident or suggesting an improvement into the everyday experience of users, and opens it up to be available to everyone. With the add-on active, reporting an incident is as easy as clicking a button. The reporting form is available through the everyday platform or can be incorporated into company SharePoint or intranet sites to make it simple for users to access.

The integration goes further than just capturing the reports, too. Nintex Promapp® is a recognized leader in business process mapping and management, and brings that power to the incident tracking workflow. By connecting incident and improvement submissions to core business processes, companies can ensure that investigations look at the relevant procedures and meaningfully incorporate changes.

The incident and improvement add-on also assigns responsibility for each step of the investigation, so users are alerted when actions have been taken and their input is required. Personalized dashboard notifications keep those steps at the forefront of users’ attention and maintain engagement for all stakeholders.

That can be extended to those who report the incidents too, even if they’re outside the organization, so customers are assured that they’ve been heard and appropriate action is being taken.

The entire incident management lifecycle 

The full lifecycle of incident management is catered for within Nintex Promapp®. Every step is tracked and managed, with full accountability and a clear audit history of the actions and activities. Those connect not just to processes but also identified business risks and compliance elements, and the platform allows for in-depth reporting to provide a complete picture.

Incidents and improvements are unavoidable, but the process breakdowns and potential efficiencies that they highlight can be captured and corrected when those reports are integrated and acted on in a timely and effective way.

Find out more about how Nintex Promapp® can build incident tracking and reporting into your process management in this video:


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“I’d recommend Nintex Promapp®’s improvement add-on to anyone that wants to drive improvement in their business.”


“With the improvement add-on we have found that staff uptake has been very good. The feedback I’ve received is that it is very easy to use and quite intuitive.”



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